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I’m sure we have grasped by now that I love road trips. Like really love them. Blasting music in the car, laughing, taking photos, singing, eating, talking. Nothing in that list sounds unappealing to me. So, because Thursday and yesterday were in-service days, I took a trip to St Andrews to visit my brother for his 20th birthday. Twenteen I like to say. On the way, I also stopped in Edinburgh because I had never actually explored the city. I mean, I’ve been to the airport a catrillion (pretty sure that is most definately not a word. Mind you, Twenteen isn’t either. so…) times and I’ve seen the castle but I don’t remember exploring the city and the gardens. I have a thing about gardens in big cities. I seriously love them so much. Its a bit like why I love book shops. Even in the hustle and bustle of a city there is something about book shops and gardens that are always much more peaceful even though they can still be right in the center of the busy city. If Ya know what I mean? 🙂 I mean, if I’m honest, the business did get a bit too much at times because I myself, was trying to find my way around amongst all the hectic-ness of a city so I went into waterstones. I took a look around, where everybody looked incredibly intelligent and sat on the stairs. Who sits on the stairs in a shop? I don’t really… except in book stores. They are so homely and relaxing. I should probably stop raving about books stores about now, huh?

Anyway, I spent a few hours looking around, taking photos, doing a bit of shopping.
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After that, we carried on driving to St Andrews to my brothers house where I stayed over night. We also went for dinner and to the cinema.
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I don’t even know how many words I created in this blog post 😉 but I had a lovely time! And it feels like it should be Monday but its only Saturday. Woo!