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Hello guys,
Today I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes with you. I’ve gotten myself into a little routine here on this blog, haven’t I? So far so good. I’ve been writing every day and every second day is a poem/lyrics post. I hope you’re enjoying reading because I love writing. Each day, I try to write something in my journal so that I have a poem to put on my blog and most days I don’t think I’m going to manage but I always do. Some how. I’ll doze off to sleep and be shaken by my mind racing with new ideas, or someone will say something that will spark creativity, or I’ll sit with my laptop in front of me and just think. Think. The thoughts are often there, there’s so much to write about in life that it’s just getting them down on paper that’s the trickier part. But it’s also the most amazing part. Writing, I mean. Getting things out of your mind and constructing them onto paper in front of you. Trust me, it really helps. Even if you don’t understand a situation, writing helps to make some sort of sense out of a situation. Try it.

Anyway, I love quotes. And thank you to Eilidh (Turning The Faucet On) for suggesting I also do this. You should definitely check out her blog by the way. She writes incredible short stories and inspired me to carry on my blog. I’m not sure I’ll be as good as her at explaining my reasoning behind why I love and picked these particular quotes to hang on my pin board in my room but never the less, I shall try my best.


I’m in a bit of a rambling mood today. I could literally just stop the post here and it would be enough writing for a blog post on its own.

Why am I still blabbering? Ah, Sorry. Quotes. Yes.

  1. “The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.”
    Courage. What a concept. If we have courage we are more free and that’s what I love about this quote. Before the summer, I didn’t branch out at all. I had my little box and stayed in it. Every time I stuck even a hand outside of this box, I’d freak my self out and scurry back inside, you know what I mean, right? But then, I went to Africa. Africa. An adventure. Behind all of my nervousness, I’m definitely an adventurer. definitely. And this quote just encouraged me to have courage, to step out and be free in what I want to do and accomplish in life.
  2. “Don’t die with your song still inside of you.”
    While setting up for an event I was holding to raise money for going to Rwanda, I was looking for quotes to write out cutely and put on tables for people to take home and I came across this one. It kind of just, stuck. Isn’t it beautiful? It just tells us to keep going, keep going even when we feel like we might fail. It tells us not to let ourselves fade away but to keep singing and keep going. Especially since I study music, I like this. Although, I don’t take it literally. I mean, I don’t think it means that I’m not allowed to die until I’ve sung my favorite song. That’s just my opinion though.
  3. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”
    I just think this is so so important. In this day and age we focus so much on success. What is success? Well, to this world, it’s money. Fame. Family. Fortune. All of these things. I just think we have to be careful not to get happiness and success mixed up. The African kids were the most enthusiastic people I had met and they had nothing but Jesus. They’re stories were painful to hear but they were happy. That says something. There’s a difference people.
  4. “Let us aim for harmony and build each other up.”
    I just love this as a reminder to be kind, to encourage and love people because after all, we’re all in the same boat. You know, doing life together. It’s important to make sure people feel encouraged and valued, it really really is 🙂
  5. “Is life a problem to be solved or an adventure to be lived?”
    This question really hits home for me. I mean, we all know the answer that the questions wants us to give. It wants us to say “Life is an adventure to be lived” but I know for me I often treat life as a problem. Another problem after another and another problem. Its hard to notice the things that are going well when your mind automatically focuses on the problems. Ya feel? I just think life is meant to be an adventure and we need to live it.. really live it.
  6. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”
    In other words, don’t let just anyone there. Your heart is where you love and love is one of the ( if not the ) most important thing in life. Guard it. It’s precious.
  7. “… be confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
    This one helps me in times when I feel helpless, not good enough, unworthy. It gives me hope.
  8. “It’s easy to set up camp and call it home. But that stops the flow of the journey.” 
    Man, I just love this to pieces. It’s brilliant. Interpret it however you like but it’s so true.
  9. “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken.”
    This kind of links with one of the previous quotes. I just like the truth of it. Love is such a strong feeling. It can be the best and worst thing all at the same time and that’s what makes it so beautiful.
  10. “The pain is now part of the happiness.”
    This one helps me not to focus on pain but to use any pain I’ve felt to know what happiness is, to help other people, to use it positively and not to be drowned by the negative side of it. It’s hard to describe.
  11. “Hold onto the good.”
    So simple. Yet so true.
  12. “One day at a time.” 
    Refer to (I Got a Tattoo) blog post for explanations 🙂
  13. ” One must be careful of books, and what is inside them, for words have to power to change us.”
    I love this because books do have the power to change us. We can be so influenced by others around us and what they have to say that it can change our thought processes and the way we look at particular situations. Books are incredible. This is also why I write, to be changed and to bring change.

Sorry, I ended on an annoying number. I can just hear you say, “Lisa. Why. Why didn’t you just stop at 10? Or carry on until 15 or 20? Preferably 20.” Sorry, my bad. I do have loads and loads of other quotes that I love but those are just some of them that are on my pin board at the moment.

Please, if you have a blog and love quotes too, comment and tell me your blog name and you should also write about your favorite quotes 🙂


Have a good day (or night!) where ever you are in the world.
Much love,