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Why hello there,
Yesterday I got a tattoo! And I really wanted to share it with you.
I’ve wanted a tattoo for many years and I’ve known what I wanted but I’ve been reluctant because 1) I wasn’t 18 (So.. obvious reason) and 2) it’s quite expensive. However, while being at college I saved up a little bit and yesterday I just went for it, because, why not? I know I’ll be in love with it for ever because its a simple quote that helps me in general day to day life. It’s not like a got a huge lion on my leg – that, I personally might not have been quite so fond of in 30 years. ( Unless it was Alsan.. Anyway moving on..)

I got ‘one day at a time’ tattooed on my right wrist.

There are a few reasons why I chose this particular quote.

  1. Inspirational quotes are just my thing. I love them. I write meaningful things and hang them on my wall and it’s nice to look at. However, ‘one day at a time’ made it onto my skin because its the one that stands out for me and the one I want to wake up and read every day and everywhere I go.
  2. I’m constantly stressed. I feel like it’s just the way life is going to go for me. I worry a lot and it’s because I care a lot about a lot of things. My stress is often (more often than not..) unnecessary but I find it difficult to realise that a heck of a lot of the time. The words on my arm just remind me to breathe, to take my time and to not look so far a head that I can’t see clearly anymore. It reminds me, literally, to take one day at a time because I can often take a thousand days at a time and you can imagine how stressful that is in my mind. It isn’t healthy and I love that every day I can be reminded to take life day by day.
  3. On a more serious note, the tattoo on my wrist is also a recovery thing. As well as stress and anxiety, I struggled with self harm for a number of years. The tattoo is so that when I feel triggered, I can look at my wrist and take a second to re think what my mind is telling me to do. So that on the more difficult days, I can be reminded to get through each day, one by one, without acting on my impulses. And so that I can be proud of myself.

    Oh and it’s on my right wrist simply because I’m right handed so I do everything with that hand in case you didn’t already guess. Pain wise, it feels like exactly what it is – someone dragging a needle in your skin. There’s no other way to put it. The pain is totally bearable.. I mean, I cry at getting my eye brows done and I didn’t cry at this. If you’re wondering whether to get a tattoo but are worried about the pain, just know that it is a bit sore but if you want the tattoo enough it doesn’t even matter and its totally worth it let me tell you! Go for it! ( I might write another blog post about my whole experience/aftercare/etc if you’re interested?)So, there we have it. I hope you’re all dying to see this tattoo because I’m dying show it to you!

    FullSizeRender IMG_5604FullSizeRender (1)

P.s the adrenalin after getting a tattoo is insane. I felt so on top of the world :’D

ALSO, I got these funky cat shorts today… I mean I’m now officially utterly skint but £5 these were in the H&M sale. I couldn’t not get them… like really.. I mean look at them. LOOK AT THEM!

FullSizeRender (2)

Aren’t they just the best invention in all of history?! I think so.

:’) Much love,

Lisa xo