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My eyes dart open in panic.

I can hear my heart pounding in my chest.

I can sense my distress.

Is it real?

Questions fly through my mind as I try to figure out why I feel so blind. Its dark.

Another nightmare?

It almost feels as though I’m still dreaming
but as I try to focus my eyes, I can see the outline of my bedside vines. I tilt my head to find my alarm I’ve double checked a hundred times.


Another nightmare.

As soon as I feel my shaking, sweating, slippery skin, I know.

Reoccurring dreams of my worst fear. This happens a lot, I should know.  Why does it feel so near? Why is the terror so clear?

I’ve never experienced it but its always in my mind. Lurking, like it could jump out at any given time. My conscience won’t let me forget the things I dream when I’m alone, on my own, it’s out of my control.

Another nightmare.