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I thought I would share my first draft of a song I’ve started to write for my songwriting class. It’s called Mistaken Tragedy ( I think ) and in class we were given the theme of “Night” to work with. The song didn’t have to even include the word but I have to be able to justify what the song is about with this theme. Makes sense? Right? I’m not going to tell you what it’s about yet. I’ll see if you can guess and I’ll enlighten you at the end. It won’t be what you think it is. Anyway, here it goes:

“All you think I see is the darkness, 
a mistaken tragedy.
The world perceives light as a date and time 
but for me, its my state of mind. 

I haven’t lost my mind
my happiness isn’t defined by money and riches or questions and possessions 
don’t feel sorry for me, I can see the beauty in personality.
I can sense the fear or dread in somebody next to me and that’s more important.
We’re not just part of the economy, are we? 
There’s more to me than what you see.

Don’t be fooled by the illusion you think you’ve understood like finding your 
way out of your overcast vision.
You’ll excel at something good with effort and precision. 
You see, I’m not oblivious, I feel misunderstood.

Is there an artist who created you and me? because I can still see the beauty in something the world dramatically deceives and believes.”

What do you think it’s about?
Maybe you think it’s about there being more to life than money? Or that people can achieve more than they think they can? Or that this person feels judged by the world? (Partly correct)

It’s actually about a blind person. The person speaking in the song is blind but she is trying to get a point across to the world that although she can’t physically see light, she isn’t in darkness. She doesn’t want to be treated differently to anybody else because her mind is one of the colorful places even though she can’t see color in the way we do.

So yea, that’s that! I have songwriting class in about an hour. I’m not sure whether we’ll be working on these or not but tell me what you think.

Much love,