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( I just copied this from my About Me page on here. I have gotten a bit carried away. I really need to sleep now… Oh gosh, I hope I don’t sleep through my alarm? That would be an utter disaster let me tell you. Ok, goodnight!) 

I never know how to write these things. Like ever. I mean, what do you write? It’s so awkward. Oh dear, I’m just making this even more awkward, aren’t I?

Well, I’m an 18 year old girl studying Music at College in a big city writing about the musings of college life, trying to eventually have a music career, living in a building with over 100 other students and reading books.

And in case you care, here are a couple of things you might want to know 🙂

  1. You guessed it. I’m at Music College.
  2. I’m vegetarian.
  3. I’m a cat person.
  4. I love to sing and play my guitar. And pretend I can play keyboard.
  5. I love a good brew and will most likely have my nose stuck in a book while drinking it.
  6. I speak German (It’s actually my first language.. I don’t tell people that though so I hope you can keep secrets.)
  7. Travelling is my thing.
  8. I want a tattoo on my wrist saying ‘One Day At A Time’ maybe I’ll share the story behind it one day. Or maybe not.
  9. I read my bible everyday and take quotes from it to stick on my wall. I’m a Christian which basically means I love you and Jesus.
  10. I’m stressed and anxious 24/7. Like, my heart is pounding just writing this. This is meant to be relaxing. Calm. Down.

I’m okay, really.
Happy reading (well I can’t promise it’ll all be happy. Ok, I think I can go now.)

Much love,