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First of all, lets clear the air.
I am terrible at blogging. I have no excuse.

BUT… I got into college!!! *gives self round of applause*
I’m not even sure if I blogged about it, but before the Easter holidays, I had an audition for Edinburgh College and I thought they hated me aha! I can’t even describe how glad I am! I couldn’t stop talking about it to my mum even when there was nothing left to say about it, I just kept rambling on but I’m just so flipping excited to go! I don’t think I’ve been this excited in a long time! Its such a wonderful feeling.
I don’t know what its going to be like… so that makes me super nervous but the college have said that they’ll show me around before my course starts so I know what to expect so that’s good!! And I just need to sort out finance stuff and accommodation but it’s going to be ace!

I realise I’m working backwards here, but yesterday was my last day of school classes EVER. I still have my exams ( I’m actually on study leave now) but apart from that, I am finished. I was thinking about my years at school and there are a few funny things that my friends and I always laugh about:

– My undying love for German that sends me across the globe every year which resulted in me spending 6 MONTHS pestering the department to do Advanced Higher German. It didn’t even work.

– My addiction to tea (which looks more like a mug of milk because I have ‘baby tea’) has led me to adopt the very strong view that the canteen tea is absolutely vile and not up to my standards. At all.

– I insist on taking my own secret stash of cheese to school because I felt like paying an extra 70p (!!!) for a trickle of cheese is absolute insanity.

– The incident where myself and my German gals witnessed a full blown fight on the train in Germany which resulted in a lot of injuries and the police coming to the rescue.

– Mr MacArther falling asleep in most of our German classes that he ‘taught’.

– Sophie and I pretty much crying in Orkney because we genuinely were going to pee ourselves. Drawing much attention to ourselves in the process, it was terrifying. And laughing most definitely did not help.

– Buying Mr Denmark a gift for taking us to Orkney.. But instead, he got really suspicious and thought we were doing drugs and drinking when we were just wrapping a present on the beach… P.s I’m still slightly offended

– ‘Coal is planted.’ according to the genius that I am.

– I have been known to supply myself with a large quantity of yum yums when I’m sad. Basically, you can tell my mood by my food.

I’ll just leave it there.
Much love