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I was planning on writing about Human Trafficking today. Or sharing my English Essay on Human Trafficking with you but I am leaving that for another day.

These Easter Holidays I have been focusing very much on things that I love to do. During term time, I get stressed. Really really stressed 24/7 and I thought I would give myself at least a week to try and relax. No studying has been accomplished this week. I feel guilty, honestly. In my head I’m like “but what if studying this week would make a big difference for my exams” or “What if I go back to school and everyone has done ten times more work than me” or “What if the teacher is disappointed in me”. BUT I have decided that I want to have some time to do things other than school. Life isn’t just about school after all. And next week, I will study.


I was a runner. School interhouse games – I was there. Sports day – my favourite.
I know, I’m laughing inside too. I barely do ANY sports now. No, lets rephrase that, I DO ZERO SPORTS. We can keep laughing about this.. but I was the second fastest girl in Primary School and the fastest girl in High School ( I caught up with my competition lol). It got to the point in church sports days where I would win but they would let someone else win because it wasn’t fair apparently. Which as you can imagine, me as an 11 year old, I was not happy. But all of that doesn’t really matter, the moral of the story is that I forgot how much I miss running.

I went to the gym yesterday. Which was scarier than I thought it would be. I was really nervous for reasons I won’t bore you with but I really liked it. I haven’t been the the gym in probably almost exactly a year and it felt good to go back. I never run on the tredmills because it makes me really anxious but yesterday I went at a time when not many people go to the gym and I went in knowing that I wanted to run again and it was so good. Its hard to describe, but the feeling of running, I just love.

Another thing that I have been doing because I love it, is art. Specifically word art though. I have never actually really gotten into this type of art but I follow quite a few people on Instagram who have real talents for it and I wanted a way to remember all of these inspirational quotes that I like so I thought this might be the perfect way.

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What do you love to do?

Much love