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Do you remember the primary school days where the homework would be coloring in a picture to put on the front of your jotter? I wish that still happened. Everyone says that senior year (6th year) is the best year of your life. I have found this to be one of the hardest years school wise, if I’m honest. I mean.. I don’t really understand it because I’m only doing three subjects. That’s the least subjects I have ever done, but it just feels much harder than the rest of my school years. It’s probably because of the pressure of finishing school forever as well I guess. So much happens in 6th year and its SO expensive. Seriously. Take a look at this!

6th year jumper – £15
School dance – £10 (although to be fair I didn’t go so I shouldn’t really be adding it)
After party – £7
Common room – £10
6th year photo – £25
Year book – £15
Social – £30

I mean.. come on. That’s over £100 just for being in your last year of school. its great.

Among all of that, we had prelims in January and yesterday we got our report cards. I’m really weird. I get so excited for report cards. Honestly, I was so excited to go to school yesterday. I just love them because its your school year on a few sheets of paper and its all organised and neat. Plus your prelim grades are in them. I managed to achieve the grades I was aiming for in the prelims!! woooooo! Although, they don’t really matter because we can’t appeal anymore 😦 But its still encouraging to know that I’m not failing. I got:

Higher Art – B
Higher Music – B
Higher English – C

My English teacher thought I was going to fail and so did I to be honest, because I really do find English hard so I’m glad that I passed.

My Art teacher said: (43 out of 60 – this is with out the practical. Art prelims are only theory)
Lisa has worked hard which has resulted in huge progress in the standard of her painting and drawing. She has produced a vibrant unit which shows skill in media handing and strong use of colour. She did reasonably well in the written exam but I feel she could easily improve this mark bu further study of her designers in particular. Her design unit is off to a bold start but she will have to make sure at this level to show some refinement in the work she produces. In the next few weeks she should take advantage of help after school to push her through this final stage of the course.

My English teacher said: (17/30, 11/20 and 12/20)
Lisa has put a lot of effort into improving the standard of her work this term. Despite initially struggling with the demands of the course, she had made a concerted effort to familiarise herself with a challenging novel and add detail to her responses to textual analysis questions. She now needs to work on planning for critical essays, focusing how topic sentences can be used to refer to the task and add coherence to an argument or line of thought. She should take time to proof-read her work ensuring that sentencing and general expression is clear. I would also like to hear a little more from Lisa in class discussion. If she can make an effort to offer her opinions, this will help prepare her for the final internal assessment of talk at the end of February. The deadline for the writing folio is March and it is important that her essays are examples of her best work by this time.

And my Music teacher said:
Instrument 1 Guitar 19/30 – Lisa has been putting a lot of effort into her playing – she lacks confidence and panics when she makes a mistake. try hard to put errors behind you and just keep going!
Instrument 2 Voice 20/30 – Lisa has a nice voice and this is a good grade, but she should aim to improve on this by working on projecting her voice and trying to add more style.
Inventing – You have produced some reasonable ideas. With a little bit more work, making sure you use and identify a range of concepts, your inventions will reach the criteria to pass. 
Listening – 21/40 This is a reasonable mark for this element at this stage of the course. With continued effort both in class and at home, Lisa should be able to improve Before May.

Lisa has consistently worked hard. She should have more confidence in her performing and continued revision of listening and literacy concepts will help secure her grade.

So overall, I am really happy with it! Now… time for exams. THE LAST EVER HIGH SCHOOL EXAMS.