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I saw this post on Facebook by a girl who has a blog called The Full Time Girl ( http://thefulltimegirl.com/) This is what it said:

‘Our world is so messed up. The past few days you’ve seen article after article about the movie 50 Shades of Grey coming out on Valentine’s Day. I know you probably don’t want to read one more status about it, but hear me out…

We have millions of women- women!- just melting over a narcissistic sociopathic rapist, and calling it love. Sure, everyone wants to be a feminist and scream, “girl power” until it means acknowledging that chains are not the path to freedom. Even Christians are defending domestic violence masked as erotica and torture porn presented as a fairytale? What is wrong with us?

We have men now believing that this is what women want. We are teaching them to be every nightmare we’ve ever had. Men are watching women embrace the idea that they can do whatever they want to women and they will like it even when they say, “no.” But wait, no means no right?? Apparently, not any more….

What are we teaching each other about the way to treat human beings? Like they are animals. We have now crossed a line in our society that can not be erased. A dangerous line- and any woman in a society that freely accepts pedophilia, rape, and abuse as “sexy” should be scared for themselves and scared for their children.

Shame, shame, shame on us. Shame on anyone who would read those books, watch that movie, or talk about it as if it were normal. There is nothing normal about it. There is nothing sexy about it. There is nothing lovely about it. There is nothing harmless about it. It’s flat out disgusting and dangerous, and if you even begin to think otherwise, I am sad for your soul.

Jesus is the only answer. The bible holds the path to purity, and to truth, and to love, and if we don’t start speaking up, and standing out, and being a light, we will drown in the sea of sexual sickness and depravity like Lot and his entire family. Are you willing to lose everything? Go watch 50 Shades of Grey.’

And I just wanted to leave you with that, because, personally, I agree with her.
The stereo typical thing to do on Valentines Day these days is to watch 50 Shades of Grey and it honestly terrifies me. Rape is my worst fear and we are, technically, glorifying it…