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As I sit here with my large mug of tea (as per usual) I am mulling over the amount of homework I have left for myself over this long weekend and the utter disgrace it is that I haven’t blogged in so long. So, I figured I would give you some study tips that I saw in a Youtube video. This is for school or college or anything really!

1. Do the hardest homework first.
I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to start with the easy stuff. It is just much more comfortable to start the hours of homework with something easy. However, this is actually a very good tip because then the homework gets more and more relaxing the more fed up you get… so it kind of works! 😉

2. Have a study group.
Now, this is kind of a hit or miss. It really all depends who is in your study group or who you study with. In sixth year, we have a sixth year library which I often use to study. My friends come in as well and sometimes I am extremely studious but other times…. not so much. It is helpful to find someone who likes being productive and wants to get work done, other wise it pretty much a waste of time.

3. Take Breaks.
Oh yes. Take food breaks! Sometimes when I have a ‘study day’, I reward myself with a Costa or something that tastes good to look forward to because, I mean, what is better than food? nothing. Point made.

4. Listen To Music.
This might not be the same for everyone. Some people might be able to study best in silence, or in the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop, or listening to classical or pop music. It totally depends on what study environment is most effective for you 🙂 Personally, it totally depends on my mood. Sometimes, I need complete silence but other times I like to listen to music. If I am reading a book, I can’t listen to music with words because it confuses me and I end up listening to the song instead of concentrating on the book. I can never work in a overly loud area but apart from that, I’m pretty flexible. I also like listening to music without words because it cancels out surrounding sound but doesn’t make me want to start a song and dance.

5. Test Yourself.
There are many online resources to use that you can test yourself with. As well as this, you could use flash cards or ask a friend to test you with questions. When I am learning concepts or preparing a talk, I like to use flash cards. That is just one method 🙂 I am actually very good at memorizing essays in my short term memory. I know its probably not the best… but for Art exams I always just memorize the essays the night before so they are fresh in my mind and it always works for me. I did get an A in Art so I’m not kidding you! but it does totally depend on what works best for you 🙂

6. Don’t study late at night.
I disagree somewhat with this point.. reason being is that different people find it easier to study at different times. I prefer studying in the after noon but some like studying really early in the morning and others late at night. However, if its the night before an exam then I totally recommend you have a good night sleep!

7. Make Organised Notes.
I am such an organised person. I’m one of those people that are always asked what the homework is or what dates things are due because people just know that I write everything in my planner. I have to do it though because other wise I’ll forget but if its in my planner I HAVE to do it. Its the same for notes, if they are organised, colour co-ordinated and easy to read then studying is automatically less stressful. If you have different notes flying all over the place of unrelated pieces of paper, very little is going to make sense.

8.Use Harmonic Devices.
This is something my brother used to do. He used to make songs out of information he had to remember. I haven’t tried this yet but I think it could be effective.

9. Write your own notes.
In College or University, there may be loads of people that takes their laptops into lectures. I am yet to discover whether I like taking notes on paper or on my laptop better because we don’t use laptops at school but make sure you know what works best for you!

10. Use a planner.
See point 7.

11. Write Your Own Study Guide.
There are many study guides available in book stores or online but if you don’t have access to them, you could also make your own. You could have a piece of information with questions following or you could make spider diagrams. I like to make spider diagrams and colour co-ordinate them. There are many different ways 🙂


So, apart from the homework I have left myself over this weekend, I also have some exciting things going on. These weeks have been crazy and they are about to get even crazier. On Thursday night, I am going to see ‘If I Stay’ at the cinema with some of my friends (SO excited…). Friday and Saturday I am going to Edinburgh and then to visit my brother in St Andrews. On Monday I have the Orthadontest (*cry*), Wednesday I am going to Perth College Open Day 🙂 and on Thursday all music students are going to see the Scottish Chamber Orchestra at the theater. Busy busy busy…
But I kinda love it.