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I found this blog post and thought it was so sweet and so true. (even if it is super cheesy. But we have got to the point where we all know that I really don’t care if its cheesy 😉 In fact, it makes me love it even more. )

A girl who loves music is a girl who sings. She can lift up your spirit whenever you
are in the lowest point of your life. She can sing for you while you both look at the gloomy
skies as it rains very hard. She can sing you a lullaby when you wake up at 2A.M. and can’t
go back to sleep. She can whisper a soothing hum close to your ears making your angry
heart calm down, driving all your disappointments, frustrations, anxieties, all your stress
and pressures away.

A girl who loves music is a girl who dances. Whenever things go wrong
unexpectedly, she’ll just dance with the rhythm and overcome her problems. She can be
jolly and silly sometimes, but these will just make her even prettier. She can dance
with you the whole night and wait until sunrise to watch the sun as it brightens up your
faces while the birds sing cheerfully your love story.

A girl who loves music is emotional. She reminisces your wonderful moments
together upon hearing her favorite songs. She cries every time you’re away while
listening to your love songs. She is compassionate towards other people for she can also feel
their sad melodies and can hear their agonies at every beat of their hearts.

A girl who loves music is a great listener. She pays attention to every word that
you say and remembers it all just like how she memorizes the lyrics of her 500 favorite
songs word by word in just one week. Every conversation with her is worthwhile. You don’t
need to worry if you can’t relate with her for she will always understand that people are
unique and have different attitudes, just like music that has myriad genres: rock, pop, etc.
It’s impossible to be bored while talking with her for every word that she’ll speak, she’ll add
a colorful tune, thus making even the nonsense words exciting to listen.

A girl who loves music is a poet. But she doesn’t need to speak to express her love.
Instead, you can already see her poetic devices written inside her cute and charming eyes,
the rhyme and meter you can observe in her mesmerizing smile. She may be very
paradoxical sometimes making her very hard to understand. You can never have an idea
what caused her to be angry at you but she will never let the day end without you hugging
each other again.


 Original – Date A Girl Who Loves Music

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