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So this blog post is for my bestfriend/sister, Rachael. You probably know who she is by now but just in case, here we are 🙂


There are many more than 5 reasons but because its really late and I am one tired girl, I think 5 wonderful reasons is a good number 😉 I can’t even remember how long Rachael and I have known each other. But we have been friends for a good 6 or 7 years so I thought this deserves a blog post 😀 I don’t even care how cheesy this will be.

1. She knows me inside out. 

Literally knows everything. She knows things like the exact amount of milk I like in my tea. Or which pieces of salad I like.. Or if something would be to spicy for me or how much pink is too much pink for me. All these little things that really, I’m pretty sure only she knows. To be honest, if one of us have a boyfriend, my advice would be to speak to the best friend. They know everything. Rachael and I have actually had these discussions. Rachael could tell you my perfect date or my perfect wedding dress. We’re getting detailed here… 😉 She knows what do to cheer me up. She knows that making me a card will melt my heart much more than trying to take me out and cheer me up when I’m sad. The list is endless… I tell her absolutely everything. She pretty much knows an exact account of my life;) We know the good and the bad and we never judge each other. 

2. She is always there for me.

Rachael and I always cry together. Its good to have someone to cry with to be honest. We just know that we can phone each other day or night and if I randomly arrive at her door she’ll always be there for a good cry. Rachael has lived through everything with me and has never left but instead, walked with me. We often have lengthy heart to hearts. A lot of the time they are at 1am when we’re meant to be sleeping. She’s always been there and I don’t have a scooby what I’d do with out her. Honestly, I couldn’t live without my best friend 😉 

3. She is the sister I never had.

Sometimes, you just need a sister. Sisters can be very annoying. I’m not going to lie here, we can annoy each other. We have never actually had a full blown argument. We just frustrate each other sometimes. I’m sure Rachael will agree. We are actually quite different and it kinda clashes sometimes but we’re best friends. So… because we tell each other everything, we can’t not speak for more than a day because then we have to update each other on our lives every 5 seconds 😉 Also, Rachael has the most precious parents. Her mum and dad are my second parents. They always make sure that I feel part of the family and I always try my best to make sure they know how much I appreciate it. Their love for each other amazes me and I love them with my whole heart and I seriously don’t know what I would do without them. Rachael, I know secretly you know how awesome your parents are 😉  but they are parents and your their teenage daughter and I am also one of those so I know how it is 😉 

4. I can be as weird as I want and not care.

We are both extremely strange people. Although at school I can come across as quite quiet if you don’t know me, your mind will be totally changed. I do actually love being quiet but I am very strange and loud and Rachael is too. We just don’t care when we’re hanging out. It makes life more fun I guess 🙂 

5. We have THE best inside jokes and code words.

Now… they are code words for a reason.. they are in fact extremely handy. So when we’re in public we don’t have to embarrass ourselves, but instead use these. (Pretty sure you know what I’m talking about Rach 😉 ) Also, we have signals for when we see attractive guys. Lets remember we are teenagers 😉 Its pretty normal, I’m sure. We even have code names for people. I’m not going to go in depth here but it is just the best having inside jokes. 

Rach! I love you and you are my favorite person in the whole world. I will always be here because you are my sister and your such a precious girly! See you soon 🙂