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As promised… a blog post dedicated to my exam results 😉 Before I get into it, I have a few stories to tell you about this morning. 

So I woke up at 8.30… waiting and wondering when it would arrive. The door rang and my mum answered to a Jehovah’s Witness. Not my exam results. I discovered this after I belted down the stairs “Is it my results? is it?!” No Lisa… bit embarrassing. Then Rachael and her mum waltzed into my home with a big letter… it was them. I didn’t realize they’d still go to her house. Maria, my mum, Rachael and I sat in the living room but I wouldn’t open it with them all there so I opened them with Rachael and these are my results.

German – A (YES!)
Art and Design – A 
English – B (WHAT THE FLIP!)
Modern Studies – C
Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) – C

I am SO SO happy with them! Yes… I am asking the same question as you.. how in the world did I get a B in English. 1. I failed the prelim. 2. I’ve been complaining about how bad I am at it for the WHOLE year. It appears that I’m not at bad as I thought but there may have been some lovely old generous ladies marking my exam which is also extremely beneficial on my part. 
As you know, I would have literally cried an ocean of tears if I didn’t get an A in German so I am SO over the moon with that! Also, I am so happy with Art…. I spent a lot of lunch times and week days after school working on my projects and making sure that the teacher and myself were happy with them so I am so glad that my work paid of! Also.. I was actually really surprised because for the theory (i.e memorizing essays and writing about painting and designs) I memorized most of it on the morning of the exam because one of the Art teachers had told me to change my essay! But I did not change it.. I just kept it to what I knew and it got me an A so it couldn’t have been wrong haha! ahhh I am so glad 🙂 

So, as you probably know, we can change/add or drop subjects if we want so I’ve had a few brain waves. Right now, for 6th year, my timetable looks a bit like this: Higher Modern Studies, Higher Music, N5/In.2 Maths and hopefully Advanced Higher German (if the head of languages can convince Edinburgh college to let me do it open learning because we don’t have the supplies). So I have been thinking that I might drop Maths and take Higher English instead… and swap Higher Modern Studies for Higher Art. What are your thoughts? I was actually really sad about not being able to take Art and I’m clearly better at Art than Modern Studies so it makes sense, right? Plus, I’ve tried Maths again and its just really not how my brain is wired. So, I only dropped English because I failed the prelim and thought I was REALLY bad at it.. so yea, those are my thoughts. 

Thank you all for your prayers! And I hope that everyone got the results that they wanted and better! And if not, there is always next year!! 🙂 Thank you Jesus! 🙂