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You always know when I have a tun of homework and don’t particularly feel in the mood to do it because I procrastinate a lot. I play guitar and it makes me feel productive and like I’ve spent my day actually doing something. So this song is the result of yesterday procrastination;)

However, tomorrow its back to business. Like, I’m not even joking when I say I have an absolute tun of homework… I have to read a German book and write a paragraph for each chapter, Practice 2 songs on guitar (which we’re recording when we get back… and I can’t play it all yet….), work out chords for 2 songs (and man… its like 20 chords for each piece!), practice 1 song for voice (which we’re also recording when we get back..), finish my theory listening workbook and do maths homework. You see, I’m not exaggerating. I keep going on about it because I’m actually seriously stressed out and nervous about it and this is where I can just get it out of my system haha!

I have been playing and recording so much music lately because it really relaxes me. Or, it feels like a lot. More than I normally record anyway. I wish Highers were as easy as Standard Grades… I passed them with flying colours (apart from Maths obviously 😉 ) but Highers are not easy for me. The thing is, I actually really love school… I don’t want it to be nerve racking all the time. The thing about me though, is that I get stressed out so easily and nervous so easily. I don’t even know why but its so annoying because I really really want to enjoy my last year of school 🙂 On that happy note, I should probably go to sleep! Its 10.15pm and my eyes are barely staying open. I hope you enjoy my cover. I think its one of my favorites so far 🙂 Thank you so so much for all of your encouragements. Keep smiling!