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I don’t know about you… but I actually really love buying school supplies. Especially when I get to buy a new backpack (you will understand my excitement when you see the picture.)
Yesterday and today, I have stalking up on the essentials for school. I realize that my pack of pens will probably last me a week before I loose them all or give them all away (I always fall for the “I’ll give you it back at the end of class.” 😉 ) but here are some things I bought 🙂 

First of all, these are THE best notebooks in the entire world! Better than Pukka Pad or NU or any others they have in super markets. Seriously, go with this one. Their half price in Tesco just now so… I bought two. They have new colors as well which just makes me smile 😉 I am a bit obsessed with notebooks. These just have such smooth thick paper. I wouldn’t pick any others for school over these so take my word for it 😉 


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The best is yet to come….. prepare yourself.





Look at it! Its so beautiful…. 
Anyway, so those are my school supplies. 
4 days until exam results and I am SO nervous!