I love this.

hope, trust JesusSometimes life is like the weather: unpredictable.

You wake up expecting sunshine but what you get is rain.

You expect the healing to come… but the illness rages on.

You expect the job offer… and instead get the rejection call.

You expect the relationship to work out… but instead you get a good-bye

You expect a baby… but all you get is one more test that failed.

And just like that your faith starts to falter and you start wondering if there is a reason to hope at all.

To hope for different results, to pray for sun when all you see is clouds, and to believe that your miracle will come.

I don’t know how many moments like these I’ve had in my life.

I feel rejected by people, stuck in my circumstance, and forgotten by God.

It is during these moments when the skies darken and the rain…

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