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I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to figure out how to start this blog post. Attempting to compact a week of camping, worshiping, phone disasters, seminars, friends, a ceilidh and much more into one post is going to be a challenge but here we go….

Wait. Before you start reading, I suggest you grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Your going to be here a while. Especially since there is another post to follow.

This time last week we were at Soul Survivor Scotland. It all began by the job and half that putting up tents always is. We had an amazing lady who cooks the best food in the universe join us too to cook for us and laugh with us. I honestly don’t think the week would have been as good if we didn’t have delicious food 😉 we are all so thankful for that! Each day was filled with two main meetings, seminars, a cafe, tool shed (stuff to buy!) and sports. There was also an open mic afternoon, celluloid (movies), late night worship and hanging out at the camp site. I went to the late night worship a couple of times which I really enjoyed! Some of us took our long boards but the skate park wasn’t big enough to cruise but we took two guitars so I spent a lot of time playing and singing which was fun 🙂 The main meetings were by far my favorite. I loved the balance of worship and hearing from Gods word. Gathering with everyone and praying for others was awesome.

I’m finding this all very difficult to put into one blog post….

The seminars that I went to were Praying For People So That Stuff Happens, The Problem Of Pain, Growing In The Wilderness, The Transformation Of A Nation, Has Science Disproved Christianity?, and Naturally Supernatural. I didn’t take notes for all of them (sadly) but I might share some with you in a different blog post.

I’m not going to lie, by the end of the week I was pretty tired so, stupidly, I made myself comfortable in the ‘Has Science Disproved Christianity?’ seminar and dozed off a couple of times. My friend had to hit me on the head to I’d waken up. My other friend literally fell asleep for the whole seminar. I remember hearing a lot that I’d learned in RMPS though so its ok! It was pretty funny though because a few of my other friends were finding it hard to stay awake too. Not because it wasn’t interesting (It actually was extremely relevant!) but just because the going to bed late and waking up early catches up on you at some point and thats when it decided to happen.

Now, there were many weird and wonderful events that occurred through out the week. One being that I dropped my phone down the toilet. I know your thinking, its water just put it in rice for a few days and it should be fine. No no no… this was the camp site toilets which means they are filled with chemicals. Plus, I’m pretty sure my phone was down there for a number of days. Highly unlikely that it would work again. To my surprise, some people fetched my phone when they were cleaning out the toilets (yuck!), they disinfected it, cleaned it and gave it back. I now have my phone, sitting in a bowl of rice knowing it is never going to work again but the hope is still there… kind of… maybe not so much. However, my sim card still works so that’s a bonus. Anyway, that was kind of an event of the week. Oh but it got worse, my friend decided to tell Mike Pilivachi this story so in an evening meeting he mentioned it in front of the whole of Soul Survivor. Mike and Andy starting asking me a series of questions and generally rubbing it in that my i Phone has died forever. Pretty sure I was Soul Survivor famous for that…. everyone seemed to know my name ” ahhh your Lisa? The one from Inverness who dropped her phone down the toilet?” …. “Yep. Thats me.”

BUT.. yesterday I opened the door to two of my friends giving me a gift. They gave me a phone and I was speechless. All I could say was ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Thank you!’ Such kind, kind people! Wow!

As the week went on we started getting a bit more lively in the main meeting worship. We started dancing and jumping and it was ok because everyone was looking silly. The music was loud and you could feel it in your heart. One of the worship leaders, Beth Croft, has an album coming out so if you haven’t listened to her I recommend you do! I really love her music 🙂 I also bought a song book from the Tool Shed which has hundreds and hundreds of songs that Soul Survivor have played over the years so I can learn loads more on guitar! This is very exciting for me…

Then, on the last day, at the last main meeting, many dressed up. The theme was movie series. It was absolutely hysterical because Mike and Andy dressed up as Legeless and Frodo Baggins with Darth Vada leading worship. I could not listen to the sermon seriously. It was so funny. I didn’t dress up, I like seeing others dress up but I don’t really like it. My friend dressed up as Harry Potter and another as the Joker. Then, there was a ceilidh on the last night. I love ceilidhs! But I wish they had actual Scottish Music (Pretty sure they booked the band for the wrong night) but it was fun all the same! 😀 Oh and on that last night, someone decided it would be a fabulous idea to play bag pipes at two in the morning. Just as well I have deep sleeps other wise I would have kicked off 😉

I think I’m going to stop this post here. I’ll write another one with stuff that God had been doing through out our week there 🙂

But here are some photos!!

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