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The title literally says it all. Since the end of April I have been having exams. I did have a two week break in between but I am finishing off my last exams as I write this. Yesterday, was RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophcal Studies) I always think that the full title sounds so posh! I’m really not sure how it went. Apart from German, it was my other Higher so it wasn’t easy. I think I over reacted of how hard I thought it was in the exam. I panicked because the questions were worded strangely. For example, the Scientific Method was called the Scientific enquiry in the exam or Historic Creationists were called Literalists in the exam. They were hard on us with the ten markers as well.. they always do that! But I just hope I get at least a C. I did want a B but I think that depended on the type of questions. The problem is, I haven’t heard back from Travel and Tourism yet so if I did get an offer it would be conditional. That means that I need a certain grade in my Higher exams to be accepted. That’s why I was panicking so much because if I didn’t get at least a C then there is no chance of me going to College this year which really sucks. I’m not sure if I wrote on here but I did get accepted for Advanced Higher German, woohoo! The website says that they take up to 6 weeks to reply and its almost been 7 weeks so I am hoping they will get back to me any day now. I really want to go! 

So my last exam is on Friday and thats Art. I know what your thinking, ah Art that should be easy, just paint a picture. 1. we no longer ‘just paint pictures’ we design extravagant neck pieces and put together a folio of art using different techniques, paints, pencil, samples and 2. we have already done that. Its the theory on Friday. I am currently memorizing two essays for it and as long as I am confident with those then I won’t be nervous. Please pray that I remember it all! 🙂

Now to the more exciting events of my life. After my Art exam, I still have 1 week of study leave so I am going on a History trip to Orkney with my school as a senior helper. There are about 7 senior helpers this year. Normally its about 2. I am so excited though! We just had a final meeting today and basically, we are going to visit loads of cultural places in Orkney and just look after the kids a bit. There are 4 other girls from my year that are going too so it should be a lot of fun. I went when I was in third year and I thought that it was something adventurous and I really enjoyed it so I am going back. If I don’t have wifi while I’m there I will see if I get 3G to keep you up to date on my travels (as always). I love to write about what I am doing each day. 


This is the itinerary for the week: 

Tuesday – Tomb of eagles, Scapa Flow, Chuchill Barriers, WWII Emplacements, Brough of Deerness, Mull Head.
Wednesday – Cuween Cairn, Maes Howe, Stones of Stenness, Ring of Brodgar, Ness Battery WWII Emplacements
Thursday – Brough of Birsay, Skara Brae, St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall (i.e shopping 😉 ), BBQ
Friday – Italian chapel, Fossil Museum, Ferry 

So thats quit a lot! If I’m being honest, I don’t know what a lot of these places are but I am excited to explore! 
I have been to some of them before but the majority of them will be new to me. I actually especially loved to Fossil Museum when we went in third year. It was so colorful and pretty so I’m glad we are going back 🙂 

I hope you are all having fab weeks!


p.s If you have any music cover requests, just comment and I will check them out 🙂