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I listened to this sermon by Nick Vijicic this morning and its definitely worth a watch ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure many have you have heard of him but if not then the sermon gives a brief introduction video which tells you an over view of his testimony.

I thought that it had a lot of encouraging and useful information so I took notes and I’ll share them with you ๐Ÿ™‚



I’ve never noticed that, have you?
The definition of faith is complete trust and confidence in something. If you have this, no matter where you are right now, God will come into your life if you let him.

You know, we just have to get over ourselves. We come up with a plan and God is just like ‘nope, I have something better.’ Because if we have Jesus, we have everything.

However, its like a phone call. God phones but we can choose whether to answer or just ignore it. Maybe you feel that God isn’t answering the phone. The thing is, we should not hang up on God because he is still listening.

There are many things in this world that are good. Relationships are good but if we aren’t happy with Jesus while we are single then we won’t be happy with Jesus when we are married.

We need Jesus and we need to run the right race.

In a race when the horn sounds we don’t just stop and chat with our friends… no.. we belt it to the finish line and do whatever we can to get there because we want to win. It isn’t about being first, but if we finish the race, God can say: ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’
Imagine Jesus said that to you?! Things of this world, drugs, sex, fame, fortune, will all fade away. You can’t bring your money, your car or your home to Heaven. You can bring other people. ‘When you don’t get a miracle, you can be a miracle.’

Every morning, we should put the armor of God on so that the next 24 hours will be under the wing of Jesus. There IS a purpose, there IS a race. Get in the right race.

There are many reasons why some may choose not to believe in Jesus. It could be because of suffering or because they don’t believe that God can really love you that much. An example, loving parents love you even before your born, right? That is because your theirs. YOU are Jesus’s child, so he loves you.

This is such an amazing example of healing. Nick went to the Red Light District (in a country I can’t remember) there was a place where woman would be sold for sex trafficking, for slavery, for torture. One girl was paralyzed. She hadn’t walked out for 4 years and in those past 2 weeks she was dying. On the wall next to her were the Gods that she prayed to. Nick came in and through a translator, started preaching the gospel and the paralyzed Girls sister walked in and ordered them to stop. However, he managed to be allowed to pray for the girl. They prayed and they prayed. This was God being tested, not Nick. The girl said something like ‘Prove to me that your God is real.’ so Nick and his friend prayed and after a little while of prayer, the girl went from excruciating pain to jumping around the room. I kid you not. Seriously, amazing right? The interesting this was, that girl, the paralyzed girl, was the one who recruited the kid nappers and the sex traffickers, it was her job to make money in this way. After her experience, she realized that Jesus is alive and that He healed her.

With Gods grace and mercy, we can run the right race. Let him give you the sight that he sees for the day.