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Some of you may have heard me talk about my German class and how I love it. You probably didn’t understand why. I understand that, but I’m pretty sure I can change your mind:

1. 3 years in a small class with two or three others doesn’t make it feel like students and teachers. It’s so relaxed and we still learn. Always a bonus!

2. Our teacher is so stressed from all the stressful first and second years that he dozes off sometimes. A lot of the time. However, he tries to be alert whenever we talk to him but It is so funny! You get used to it after a while and just think of it as another little part of our German class.

4. We blether about anything and everything and sometimes even get a wee History lesson. Pretty sure he’d love to teach History. We talk about all the countries we’ve been too and tell each other how wonderful they are.

5. He can speak words in every flipping language. Yes, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Latin, French, German and probably more. He is fluent in French, German and Danish which means we get the benefits of learning some words in other languages too!

6. Our teacher brings us tea. Yes! We are working away ( aside from the blether, we actually do work really hard!) and he’ll pop off and come back with a tray of tea. ‘Becca and Lisa, you like milky tea right? Yarima, no milk and here’s some sugar.’ Pretty much makes my day because I love tea.

7. Takes us abroad on school trips. Well, Hamburg had to have a mention here. My class had been talking about a cultural trip to German since third year and we went and it was brilliant!

8. Always helps us whenever we need it. Aside from the blethering, laughing and drinking tea we work hard! He always asks ‘is there any way in particular you would like me to help you?’ ‘I’ll mark this for you right away.’ I know all teachers are meant to do that but it’s when it’s the balance of both that the atmosphere is so much more enjoyable.

9. We all get on so well. My two other classmates and I help each other and are generally good friends. It’s understandable in a big class that people don’t get on but if there are so few and we didn’t get along then that would be a tad awkward. So, I’m just thankful for that. Plus, we always bring each other food. It’s amazing!

10. German food days. Enough said.

I have mentioned many funny aspects of our class but just a little note to say that we do work;) considering Yarima and I are predicted grade A’s and Becca grade B I’m pretty sure that means we’re learning!;)