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The last time I spoke to some of you guys about ‘future plans’ I probably told you that I plan on staying for sixth year. There has been a change in plan. Don’t worry, I’m not flunking school or anything… I’ve applied for some courses at colleges that would allow me entry into the second year of University… if I complete them with the needed grades. I have applied for Social Sciences at Glasgow Clyde College and Travel and Tourism and Advanced Higher German at Edinburgh College. During the research process, some of my friends and I have been praying. However, if it’s not right then I’ll probably just not get accepted and I will do my sixth year at school but I am so excited In case I do get accepted. Most of my time has been spent writing these three personal statements so I hope either my Travel and Tourism and Advanced German or Social Studies statements will be enough. So yea, I just thought I’d let you guys know. I also spoke to my guidance teacher about it and she thought that it would be more beneficial for me and I am sensible and ready for the next step. I would really appreciate your prayers. I have just submitted the applications today so it may take a little while for them to reply but I will update you when they do. Thank you for praying for me!(:

You can stop reading now but if your interested in reading my personal statements or maybe you need some ideas for your own then keep reading ūüôā

So I had to write three personal statements. The first one, Travel and Tourism, took the longest because my brother was helping me with corrections and he’s a perfectionist.. I’m not complaining! Its probably better than my other ones because I just wrote them by myself and my mum helped me a little ūüôā So Travel and Tourism:

‘Your family lives all over the world’ is not something every child gets to hear. Every year there would be new places to visit, new people to meet, new countries to see. I first realized I had an interest in Travel and Tourism when I began to discover more about the countries I would be visiting. I became fascinated by the vast variety of languages, tourist destinations and stunning scenery.¬†

This industry interests me because I enjoy learning about different cultures and tourist destinations. Since I was a child I have toured around Europe and other parts of the world. This founded my passion for languages and culture. I have also been taught German from a young age and studied it at school to SQA Higher level. Because of the enjoyment and challenge I experienced, I am eager to further my knowledge in the language. 

From spending time with family in Germany, I have personal experience of that country’s way of life. Through this I am able to appreciate the wonderful contrast in cultures. The city of Edinburgh is therefore an ideal study setting for this field and living in the heart of this historic city would enable me to familiarize myself with the issues relevant to international Travel and Tourism.¬†

Outwith studying, my interest continues. Attending youth group and church has allowed me to meet numerous people from many backgrounds which has strengthened my interest in the subject. Committing to learning to play the guitar has inspired me to explore music from many cultures. I also enjoy reading books, magazines and newspapers. These can provide knowledge of various cultures, industries and world events. Work experience at Munlochy Animal Aid and Avon has taught me about cooperation with others; these have increased my confidence and my sense of responsibility. 

I am passionate and enthusiastic about places and people. I have good social skills and I am disciplined and organized, striving to fulfill my potential in all areas of my life.

Next, Advanced Higher German:

German has always been a focus in my life. Because both of my parents and other family members are German, I was taught the language from a young age. As I grew older, I wanted to become fluent. The more I practiced, the more I wanted to learn.

However, I first realized that I had a passion for German after an exchange trip to Berlin where a completely different dialect from my family’s one is spoken. I thought it was fascinating that there were different ways of speaking the same language. During this experience, I became friends with a girl from Berlin. She has been my pen pal since then and we exchange letters and emails regularly. Writing in English and German allows us both to practice our conversation skills and learn new phrases. As well as this, spending time with family in Germany has given me personal experience of this country’s way of life.¬†

I studied German at school to SQA Higher level. Because of the challenge it brings, I am eager to further my knowledge in the language. Outwith studying, my dedication to Germany and its language continues. By reading German magazines, I have deepened my understanding of grammar. I am determined to accomplish my potential in this subject. Recently, I helped out with a German Day at my school where many pupils had the opportunity to discover more about the culture and basic knowledge of the language. It was an enjoyable and rewarding time for me as it encouraged the pupils to learn about the culture and basic knowledge of the language in a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, I learned a lot about working with others; this has increased my confidence and my sense of responsibility. 

Germany’s culture has also inspired me to pursue the study of German. With a great interest in travel, culture is something that I am intrigued by. I am passionate and enthusiastic about places and people. I have good social skills and I am disciplined and organized, striving to fulfill my potential in all areas of my life.

And last by not least, Social Sciences:

There are so many unanswered questions in the world we live in. Why are people being discriminated? What makes
people react in the way they do? These are questions I have been asking myself during the time in which I am studying
Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies and Modern Studies. These subjects allow me to be challenged by the issues
prevalent in the society we live in today. 

My interest in the workings of society revolve around the people I spend time with regularly. I am particularly interested
in the ways people recover from difficult situations. By attending youth group and church I have met different types of
people who have been through various incidents in their lives through which they may have felt excluded or confused.
Youth group has taught me a lot about cooperation with others, responsibility and equal opportunities.

I am also intrigued by the way people react to their surroundings and, in particular, the reasons why people commit
crimes. This is a part of the Higher course I am doing in Religious Studies. I am intrigued by the questions raised by
philosophers about the problems people are and have been faced with both in History and at the present time. In Modern Studies,
we spend time exploring the issues pertaining to Health and Wealth in the United Kingdom. We covered topics such as,
poverty, health inequalities and why they are caused. This enabled me to have a deeper understanding of inequalities that are present in my own environment.

I also feel that foreign languages help me to understand different societies and communities. From a young age I have
been learning German and spent a lot of time visiting family and friends there. This has helped me to understand and
with a  range of people that are from a culture other than my own. 

I am passionate and enthusiastic about places and people. I have good social skills and I am disciplined and organized,
 striving to fulfill my potential in all areas of my life. 

If there are any mistakes please don’t tell me haha!! Because I can’t change them:P
But hopefully that gave you an idea of why I have applied for those particular courses and if you need ideas, hopefully that gave you some ūüôā