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Today was one of those days. The really busy kind. In fact, its one of those weekends where I have hardly any spare time. I like it like that though.. its fun. This morning I woke up bright and early at around 7.30. We have settled the fact that I am an utterly strange teenager who gets up early on the weekend? good. So, at 9.30 I LONGBOARDED to the bus stop. YES! My longboard came.. I used to use my friends that’s why I hadn’t bought one of my own but to be honest, long boarded in a main aspect of the Summer months for me. Its my main source of travel 😉 It is so much fun though… If you don’t know what a long board is, its basically like a skate board but more for cruising instead of stunts. So its a mini long board and much easier to ride 🙂 Anyway… I went to church to help out at a craft fayre. My friend and I were helping in the cafe. I also found a present for my mum for mothers day so that was handy! So from 10-5 I was doing that.. it was a long day and I just feel like relaxing now but I can’t. Well, I can for a little while but then I have to do homework because tomorrow is also chock-a-block. It was such a fun day! And afterwards… we went to KFC which was ace… we deserved it!;) You don’t even want to know what my lunch consisted of today. I had loads of healthy things packed in my bag. You know, apple chips, pesto pasta, granola bar. But then.. Aaron bought custard creams. Thats what I ate for lunch. Great huh? Tomorrow probably won’t be much better because the youth from my church are going to this event in Avimore. It is called Strictly Come Praying (I think) and tuns of youth from different youth groups over Scotland gather for this event. Theres worship, seminars, prayer (hence the name) and food. Food woohoo! So I am really excited about that. I’ll tell you how it goes!

Here are some photos from my day:

The Craft Fayre –


Personally, this was my favorite stall. It has my name written all over it – 


And this is what I bought my mum – 


And this is Aaron and I helping out in the cafe – 



It was such a lovely day!! I have to do a German past paper now but I’m looking forward to watching a little more Dance Academy and eating cookies later on:D Oh! And my mum just came home from work with a whole load of free bees from Salon Services. I CANNOT WAIT to try them out… maybe even write a review or two 😉