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It all started at youth group a few weeks ago. There was worship playing in the background and we found a spot to just focus on God. Somewhere with no distractions. Naturally, I have to move far away from Rachael because we make each other laugh way too easily. No but, we are serious in these circumstances 🙂 I have a spot in the room where I always sit. Its quite near the front but in front of a kind of board thing so no one can see me and I can only see those in front of me and the band. That is why I like this spot, no one watching but I can watch the band. Anyway, I was just sitting there trying to focus, trying to hear, trying to listen. Trying to go to my secret place. It wasn’t working. I couldn’t hear Jesus in my secret place.. I don’t know what I was or wasn’t doing but I thought I was trying really hard to concentrate. After a while, I just lay there, tears streaming down my face because I didn’t know what to do. All I knew is that I wanted to hear God’s voice so SO badly. It still wasn’t working. Afterwards, my friend came up to me and gave me a note. A note that, again, made my cry. I keep it in the back of my phone so I always have it with me. It says:

‘Lisa, I got a picture of a rose bud which grew into a huge rose! There’s so much in that! Growth. Beautiful fragrance. Beauty. Precious. Delicate.
People are fascinated by you. You excite people. People love to look at you and the things you do.’

It just blessed me, you know? Its nice to feel encouraged and feel that people appreciate you. Because, it isn’t always easy. Life isn’t always easy but when someone writes you a letter of a picture God gives them for you it just melts my heart. It gave me hope. Hope that God hasn’t forgotten me, that I am precious, beautiful and delicate. That I am a rose bud that will grow into a HUGE rose;) I love roses. I love Jesus 🙂

So, on Tuesday lyrics kept popping into my head. You know how it is? Or maybe you don’t.. but lyrics kept coming and eventually I had to write them down before I forgot. That day, when I was home by myself, I started to play. I started to work out how this song would flow. So that’s it! I really hope it works.. if it doesn’t I’ll re post it at some point.

Thank you beautiful people!

Side note: I got 25 out of 25 in my German speaking test. Happy Girly!! Thats 25% of my final grade.. so its pretty important. I’m off to drink a hot mug of tea and watch Dance Academy now 🙂 Oh!! And.. my long board will be arriving at my house tonight! More on that later 😉