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I have no idea where to re-begin this whole blogging milarky. I guess I should probably tell you what I have been doing for the last two months. So the last kind of ‘event’ that I blogged about was Glasgow. Man, that was ages ago! So since then I’ve watched EVERY Gilmore Girls… I mean, this is an achievement. It was so so good! And so light hearted but addictive at the same time. I am also still in school and have chosen my subjects for 6th year. Yes, my last year of school. I remember my brother being in 6th year and thinking that he was way too old.. now I’m here and I am so excited! I chose Int2 Maths, Higher Art, Higher Modern Studies and Advanced Higher German. I was planning on taking Higher History. I love History but I needed to take Higher English for helping with the advanced level of essay writing in this subject. Lets face it, I am not the best at English. I can barely do Int2. I also have an idea for University and I need 4 highers (BBBC), Int2 maths and English at a grade 3 in Standard Grade. I have the grade 3 in English so that is VERY handy.. 

The course is called Tourism Management + an EU Language. I would take German as my foreign language. I think I would really love to study this because travelling is a passion that I have, I love finding out about different cultures and places. I have done a lot of research and have many back up plans (3 colleges and 3 universities). I feel so organised.. but it just hit me that you really have to at this stage… I have also done all of my prelims and I am confident that I at least won’t fail them. With study leave I hope that I will achieve the best that I can 🙂 I need to get a B in RMPS. I got a C in the prelim so I think that should be fine 🙂 

Oh, and the University that I would most like to attend is Napier University in Edinburgh. Take a look:
Weird but wonderful, right? 
This part looks a bit more traditional 🙂 

The thing is, I really do love the mix of modern and tradition. On one hand I love the traditional environment but I also really think modern buildings look so cool! So yea, thats that 🙂 

On the non school side of things, I played guitar and sang along side one of my favorite people at youth. As you all know, confidence isn’t my strong point and I really wish it was easier for me. I also believe that I need to confront it.. Singing and playing guitar are two of my most favorite things to do in the world and I’m not going to let my nerves interfere with that. Worship is just what I do. I love it so much. I couldn’t preach or write a poem or paint an amazing prophetic picture.. there is just something about music that stirs something up inside of me. It makes me feel like I can do anything. It is my way of expressing myself. I can’t even describe it. If you have the same feeling as me, you will know what I mean 🙂 So playing in the worship band went really really well. We both took turns to lead because I really rather leading than harmony to be honest. I have never really practiced harmonizing but it was so so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again some time. It’s so worth the nervous break down before hand 😉


There is probably loads more I could talk about but I am feeling that this blog post is long enough and I think your are updated enough for me to carry on as normal 😀 
Love you all.