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Last Sunday a couple of things stuck in my head. Firstly, people were coming to the front to tell everyone what God was saying to them during the worship. One lady described what she saw. In front of the lyrics she saw, in huge writing, ‘I WILL make a way through the wilderness.’ A short, sweet statement. This stuck in my head and I had to write about it. The thing is, life is a wilderness without Jesus and even with Jesus some parts of life have more trees to find your way round than other parts of life. But we have Jesus. And he WILL make a way through the wilderness. ‘Will’ in capitals. Yesterday my mum told me that she got a job at Salon Services. That’s just a step to making our way out of the wilderness. Thank you Jesus. Your the best!;) 
Secondly, in the sermon there was one point where the speaker said ‘Do what makes you dance.’ Do what makes you dance, what brings you closer to God. Live for God and do what he has planned for you. 
That got me thinking, what makes me dance? What actually makes me dance? 
I figured that the place that makes me so joyful and so happy is Imagine/Soul Survivor. It’s a camp where we worship God, meet other Christians and non Christians, camp, learn about God, are taught through seminars, eat tuns of food, talent shows, skate park. It’s great! 
I know someone said to me that even if you feel close to God there, you still need to feel close to God everywhere not just there. That is a challenge for me.. Because when your in that environment it’s so much easier. I’m sure I’m not the only one. That’s my challenge this year. 
So that leads me on to ‘what will make me dance?’
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what to do after school. Although the university or college environment is something that I really really look forward to and want to experience, I have one problem. I don’t know what I want to do. So, naturally, from the travelling lover over here, a gap year sounds pretty appealing. I’ve really always wanted to go on a gap year. Not only to become more independent, to find out who I am, see new places and have utterly new experiences, I also want to DO something. 
A few years ago (a few as in… Probably 7) in Sunday school, a lady said to me that I was going to do amazing things in the world. I never really thought about it until someone came to me and told me it was God that told her that. I was younger and didn’t really understand but now I long to know what it is. 

So, what I’d really love to do is… Are you ready?

First work for 6 months then fly to America in January for a 6 month internship (One Thing Internship) at IHOP (International House of Prayer) and then… Fly to Japan for a couple of months to work with an organisation called Not For Sale (more info soon). So that is what I’D love to do but whether God opens those doors is another question. 

All I know is, is that I’d really love to build my relationship up with God, and at IHOP there is heaps of time in the prayer room to spend with him. It would be somewhere where my mind is clear and I’d be able to focus, you know? I long to learn more and also discover Gods plans for me and what he wants me to do next and.. Maybe what to study at university/college because I have no clue. In the One Thing Internship, there are a group of people that do it and work together for those six months, there’s a lot of team work involved and I think it would really boost my confidence… I am really not confident.. I mean.. I get nervous about reading out my answers in class, doing talks, speaking into a microphone, playing in a worship band. Everything. Especially playing/leading in a worship band I really really don’t want to be nervous for because music is what I love and I love worshipping Jesus. I have lead worship and played in a worship band before and I find I’m crying to begin with but then when I realise that no one is laughing at me or looking at me funny, that its ok and really fun! However, I will never think that way about class talks or anything like that! Class talks can never be fun.. Haha!
Anyway, back to the point… IHOP sounds like somewhere I’d really love to go. 

Not For Sale. Human Trafficking is one of those things that I just can’t sit back and watch happen. Also, they are in Japan which means I can kill two birds with one stone and also see Peta;) 
I mean… Poverty is horrible! Debt is horrible! Homelessness is horrible! Child soldiers is horrible! But I can’t even describe it.. There is just something about putting an end to human trafficking that makes me dance. I can’t describe it.. I just have to do something. Anything to help. 
In school, when we were learning about slavery and sex trafficking it was one of those lessons where my eyes did not come of the teacher and my mouth touched the floor for the whole lesson. No one could talk to me because I was so engrossed in what I was hearing. I was so appalled by what I was hearing. I’d call my brother afterwards and tell him everything I learned.. 
I just can not grasp the logic behind human trafficking. I just want to show those victims love and trust. It makes me cry endlessly when I think especially about teenage girls being abducted because they thought they were helping their family in financial difficulties but in fact, they have entered into being forced to have sex. Forced. Buyers and sellers forcing girls and treating them like property. Choosing them off a list for their own pleasure and not even taking into account how worthless they must feel. It’s a trap.. One that’s difficult to get out of. Slavery… Being tortured, treated like rubbish.. Sold. People sold? How does that even work? People. Sold. No! 

I don’t know what it feels like to be bought and sold. I do know what it feels like to feel small. I do know what it feels like be unable to trust. I do know what if feels like to feel like you have no freedom. I know what it feels like to watch someone who’s being treated like nothing, being treated like property. Maybe I have felt these in different ways but I am not clueless. I just have to do something to help. I just have to show them love and trust because it will be ok. God loves and cares for us so it will be ok. 

So there we go. I was hoping that IHOP would allow me to gain more confidence, relationship with God and knowledge. To prepare me. If God doesn’t close the IHOP and Not For Sale doors, there is nothing stopping me. It will make me dance to see those who feel worthless know that they are precious and beautiful.