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I know this is 2 days late but bare with me, I just came to So Coco today. Oh, and now, the manager knows me because of my hat. What a legend! 

So, I guess your all just dying to know what we got up to in Glasgow. Well, I woke up at 04.30 and Rachael at 05.00. It was easier than I thought to wake her. We left at about 06.10 to walk to the bus stop. The first bus was boltic! We almost missed our bus from Perth… because, we didn’t know if it was the London bus we had to take but luckily I ended up asking. The seemed miserable that’s why we were hesitating. The second bus was Mega Bus and it was lovely and warm, with Wifi! score! In Glasgow we met Peta and headed on our church adventures. 

Lets just say, we basically had a tour around the whole of Erskine… we resorted to asking in a HUGE Hotel that looked like Downton Abbey… seriously. We came in with our winter coats, jeans and boots while they were wearing tartan posh trousers. Pretty much felt like an outsider in there. I would have came back with photographic evidence but had to head straight back to find church. Now, what we found out was that One Direction and Kylie Minogue etc stayed in this hotel when they came… ok.. thats why we felt like outsiders haha! Eventually, we found the church. It was so cute! Tuns of little kids :’) AND Banana cake!! 

So at church they sermon was on An Unexpected Journey. There were three points:

1) To expect the unexpected. 
God loves to do things unexpectedly. For example, in Acts 9:1-19 Saul was the least likely candidate.. he was guilty of breathing our murderous threats and was going to get permission to wipe out all Christians. He had done so much harm. Who would have thought he’d be used by God? We know that, if Saul can be saved, anyone can!

2) Place of prayer.
Does it tell us that Saul was already a man of prayer?
When something unexpected happened in his life, he prayed like never before.
When we start to pray from our hearts, God will speak. Sometime, things don’t change just like that. Sometimes, they take time and we just have to have faith in the fact that God starts to work even if we can’t see it straight away. Prayer isn’t just essential, its vital. Its a matter of life and death.  

3) Empowering of the Spirit. 
In verse 8, something happened immediately when he was filled with the holy spirit. When we’re filled with the holy spirit and our vision can be renewed. Perhaps if your struggling with where God wants you, you might need to be filled afresh because God has an incredible plan for you. That involves experiencing the unexpected with God.

Church was so good 🙂 After church, we journeyed to the city center and done a little bit of shopping. We spent the most time in Forever 21 because they don’t have that where we live so it was cool! We have just the best fashion sense.. (All will become clear soon.) In the city center there was a cute cafe hidden away. They sold high tea so that’s what we had 🙂 And, hot milk with honey and nutmeg. Delicious! After high tea, we wondered for a bit and took many pictures with mine and Petas mascot, Custard. (Again, all will become clear soon;) ) and then we headed to Petas hotel to charge and phones and chill out a little bit before Nandos. One thing I learned was that I don’t think I will ever ever be able to be a spicy food eating person. I thought the mild one was a bit spicy and when I tried the medium sauce, I downed my apple juice and had to rush to get a glass of water. Madness! 😀

Anyway, here are some pictures of our day (In no order)  We always make such wonderful memories. I love you Peta!!! Miss you already!

Tea and Custard tart in Nandos. 



Beautiful. Just Beautiful. 

We love Custard! 




We’re cool. 




Someone loves syrup….

In Hollister… Custard too! 

Lets just make this clear… its meant to say hot! 😀 



Frankly the weirdest shop! 


Mini Mario!! 


This is what happens when Peta and I go clothes trying on… 




Carpark selfies

utside Forever 21 😀 

t seems I much more excited about the fact that Nandos had frozen yogurt!!! I love frozen yogurt!!