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You’ll be glad to know that I have actually returned from Hamburg. I forgot to blog and tell you I’m home… purely because on Monday I only got home at about 11.30pm. Then, going straight to school the next day and getting back into the routine of things led to me forgetting to blog. Sorry! Nothing exciting really happened on the journey home except that on the train from Edinburgh, we went in pairs and got a day each to write about and my friend Cara was writing in invernesion. Keeping in mind this was going to one of the head teachers, for the website. She also write inside jokes that we had made up on our trip. It was just so funny! I’m not sure that can go on the website… So I arrived home safe and sound, on Monday… 

… now its Saturday and I have got all my Christmas shopping sorted. I met another one of my friends and we went for lunch at Little Italy for some tapas. It was just the best!! I definitely recommend it 😉 Now we’re sitting a coffee shop with tea and loads of work to do. Now… something very very strange happened. Peta tried coffee. Not just ‘normal’ coffee but Espresso coffee. Who would of thought? I was expecting the “This is revolting.” line but in fact that was me after I tried it. In fact, Peta thought it wasn’t that bad and could actually see her self drinking it occasionally.  Saying that, nothing beats tea! So we’re back to having our table filled with tea pots.

I am also super excited for tomorrow because we’re going to see the Hobbit. I probably blogged ages and ages and ages ago about having a Lord Of The Rings day. That was when we spend the whole day from 10am until 10pm watching every Lord Of The Rings including the extended editions. It was fab! Then when the first Hobbit came out, we got into that to. I can’t wait! 😀