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Today was our last full day. 
We started the day by going to the fish market. I hate fish. I mean, the texture, smell, taste, everything about fish I just do not like. To my surprise, it wasn’t all fish. There was fruit and vegetables and even clothes and what sounded like a cool church but was in fact a band which consisted of old men wearing leather trousers. That sounds terrible but they were actually hilarious! It was typical music for Germany. Then, we went to Speicher Stadt museum which is a museum about warehouses. When we went outside it looked like Venice. We also went to a mini wonderland which is loads of different countries made mini. If that makes sense? It was really cool. They had America, Austria, Bavaria, Netherlands, Switzerland and others. It went from day to night and at ‘night time’ everything was lit up. It looked really beautiful! 

By this time, it was 3.30 and we went on a last explore of the Christmas Markets in the center. I was probably meant to try and find Christmas presents but I just couldn’t find the presents. Tomorrow before we leave so there are more Christmas markets there but if I don’t find any then Scotland will have to do. We got really cold.. and went to Starbucks. I love Starbucks 😀 I also went there for lunch and it was delicious! We had to fit 4 people on a 2 people table with a couple on the table next to us. I don’t think they minded so its ok. It is freezing here though!! Inverness is probably going to feel warm compared to this. There isn’t any snow left but when it was here it was so pretty 🙂 



And this is cute with couples names on them haha!