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Today was the day that I was looking most forward to. 

I love chocolate. I had never been to a chocolate factory so this was exciting! We went there for 09.15 and I tasted a huge coco bean and then another bean when it was a bit further it process. The first huge coco bean was cut in half and it kind of looked like mushroom or onion inside a shell. It was horrible. It had the texture of a nut and didn’t taste nice. It tasted bitter. Then, there were little coco beans which were a bit further in the process but they still tasted horrible. They tasted like REALLY REALLY dark chocolate and I think it tasted worse than the first one. Then we crushed the coco beans and made them into sort of flakes. A machine made the chocolate thinner but still had bumps in it. Then, the last stage made it smooth and delicious. We also decorated our own chocolate bar and then put in in the fridge (Picture below). There was a shop and I bought some little chocolates for my friends to try too 🙂 


Then, we explored the area a bit and found a building that is made to look like a ship (super cool!) We also found the parade and then went to the Art Gallery. Next to the art gallery people were protesting and there were police and loads of people but I’m not sure what they were protesting about. We made our way back to the markets where we had a look around and I also went to buy some Christmas leggings. I love them! Dinner was at 6.30pm in the hotel and then we played card games and laughed a lot and I almost fell asleep so I think that is a sign that I should go to bed! 😀 Photo: Yarima & I in our Christmas leggings :) #christmas #leggings #Germany #Hamburg #shoppingPhoto: Me and my new outfit :) my leg ones of these leggings don't go with this jumper haha. #leggings #winter #jumper #clothes #hamburg #love #fashion #cosy #christmas

(last three are from google because my phone wouldn’t email them.) 

p.s this was outside this morning 🙂 
Photo: Snow!!:) #hamburg #winter #weather #snoe