Today we began the day with a buffet breakfast. I definitely realize that I am in Germany when, for breakfast, you eat meat and cheeses on bread and ‘normal’ tea isn’t available. Luckily, I brought my own tea bags 😀 German breakfast is just my favorite.

At about 09.30 we took the underground to Ballinstadt and went to the emigration museum there which was actually really interesting! I do like History. Now this was a cultural trip, not a holiday as everyone keeps telling us so we did have some questions to answer while going round and I took pictures. A lot of pictures. After the museum we headed to the city for a boat cruise. I also have many photos from that too. The boat cruise was really good because we saw the main parts of the city and even some huge houses!

I really don’t have anything profound to write today but we did find a really pretty shopping center! I found some Christmas leggings too… but we only had 5 minuetes before we needed to meet the others so I couldn’t buy them 😦 Maybe we’ll go back! Tonight we’re going to the Christmas Fair and to see the fireworks. We will only be back late so if I have pictures from that tonight, I’ll show them tomorrow 🙂

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It’s 12.30am now so I will upload the Dom Fair pictures tomorrow. By the way Hamburg Fairs are SO much better than the ones in Inverness!!