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Yesterday we arrived in our hotel at around 12.30 (hence why this blog post is a day late) 
Yesterday was… eventful. To say the least. It all began at 10pm on Wednesday night. One of the teachers phoned to inform us that our train has been cancelled. So instead, one of the head teachers drove us down to Edinburgh in the terrible weather. Seriously, I couldn’t even open the boot of the car without being blown away. It was horrendous! With winds up to 140mph, we were all, even by this point, worrying whether our flight would actually set off. Luckily, it was only 7 minuets delayed. We all thought that everything was going to plan, when the pilot spoke to us and said that Hamburg airport was closed… he said that Copenhagen airport was closed and the other nearest to Hamburg was Berlin. Berlin isn’t close. It is 4 hours from Hamburg. We were SO excited. Who would pass up going to 2 cities for the price of one? They organised a bus to drive us into Hamburg so we did get to see some of the city, even if it was dark. To add to this, the driver didn’t even take us into to town, he took us to the airport. The airport was pretty cool but it was dead. Apart from a few others, we were pretty much the only ones on the train when two men and a woman came on. One of the guys had just been punched in the face by a black guy because the other guy was being racist and accusing him of taking drugs. We were right behind them at this point which was kind of scary. They were drunk and brave woman was keeping them apart. She claimed to know the black guy. We moved seats and the police came but they had already gone. To top it off, we got lost in Hamburg and it started to snow and then hail. Eventually, we found our hotel and went straight to bed.
It is Friday now and I woke up at 6.30am which means I had 5 hours sleep. I don’t even feel tired. We have a buffet breakfast in half an hour which, to be honest, I am looking so forward to 😀