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I’m going to be honest, I only have one page of notes for today’s sermon. Normally I have 7. Keeping in mind, my writing isn’t that smallest. I have so little notes because the person preaching told so many cool stories and I was listening to them so intently that I forgot to write. 

Today he was talking about how we can be like Jesus. How we can do what Jesus did and more. 
Jesus, when he healed people sometimes done it so differently than others. If my friend was sick I would rush over as quick as I could but Jesus waited. He waited even until the funeral and brought them back to life. Imagine you done that? How amazing would that be? 
He told us stories. For example someone was having a pool party and a group of them thought it would be a good idea to try and walk on water. I mean, the worst that could happen is that you just walk in the water instead of on top of it. But, guess what, they walked on water. Yep. For some it took 4 steps before they fell in…. There are greater works available if we would only believe. 

So to carry on the wonderfulness, after he had finished preaching he declared that people were going to be healed. He asked the congregation, is there anyone here that is deaf? Maybe in one ear or both? Some put there’s hands up, including one of the youth leaders. So naturally, we prayed for her until she was healed. People had painful legs. We prayed until they were healed. People had painful arms, heart conditions. We prayed until they were healed. And they were healed. Jesus healed so many people today and it was just so great! I love church, I really do and witnessing these things just make me smile and love Jesus even more.