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Yesterday was Saturday. What do people normally do on a Saturday? Go shopping? a day trip? Sleep? 
Well, we did do a little Christmas shopping but only after six hours in Starbucks. 

My friend and I, we actually really like studying. In Starbucks. All day. Yes, we call them our study days. Are we strange yet? 
I had quite a lot of homework to do and I also wanted to read Narnia. Peta had to proof read an essay and sort out all the work she had ever done for her masters. That is a lot of sorting out. So, we decided to head off to Starbucks. We took the biggest table and filled it with all of our work, a hot drink and food. Now, to our surprise, yesterday was super busy. Apparently a coco cola bus parked outside is worth a day trip to the retail park. Also, as the day went on, there was a DJ in New Look (Starbucks is in New Look) which became louder and louder through-out the course of they day. We didn’t mind, in fact, the music was pretty funny. So, that is what we spent our morning and part of the afternoon doing and then Rachael came and we went on a hunt for a couple of Christmas gifts which actually ended up being trips to Bank to try on an ugly dress and a pretty dress. This is very usual for us. We like to try on clothes just for the purpose of taking pictures, making memories and looking funny. 
Here is some photographic evidence of our productive day: