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It is 9.30pm. I have just finished doing some preparation for a Modern Studies NAB tomorrow. I had already done it but I have to add some more information in.. because.. well.. I didn’t really answer the question. This topic only took one week. For the last topic I passed my NAB with no problems but I misunderstood this question. Anyway, I had been trying to google examples of violent and non-violent action by pressure groups probably for the last 3 hours. Even now, I don’t have a clue if I have been doing it right. My solution is just to go and ask my teacher in the morning. As you can probably imagine, I am now so tired and have wanted to go to sleep for the last hour. I am so tired. 

First though, I had to read my friend’s blog post. She wrote about how she was excited to have a domino’s pizza waiting for her when she returned home after a busy day in Perth for work. Which is quit a long drive for one day, in the snow. Yes! side note, it snowed this morning. How excited I was!! Shouting around the house just to make sure everybody knew that Inverness looked like a winter wonderland. As well as that, I walked into registration this morning shouting to my regi teacher while my immensely heavy bag was thrown onto the table (she is quite used to her tea being spilled and paper work flying everywhere by now because of my heavy bag, it does make her laugh so its all good) shouting “Mrs Rathbone, its snowing!! Its snowing!!” Yep. I did that.

To the point of this blog post, just now as I sit on the floor worrying that i have spent 3 hours researching the wrong things and worrying that I haven’t even started memorizing what I need to know but only shrunk it down to bullet points and high- lighting that I am going to Hamburg in a couple of weeks. Now, THAT is something to look forward to. Especially since we have an itinerary that we are most likely going a head with.. its is so exciting. I have never been to Hamburg before. The places that I am most excited for are, sightseeing in central Hamburg, Chocolate museum, Christmas parade, Christmas markets, mini wonderland and of course shopping. There are other things such as a boat cruise, a couple of more museums etc but those are the ones that I am most looking forward to. I can not wait! 

In the mean time, I pray I pass this NAB! haha…