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OK.. let’s just take a moment to remember that The Hunger Games is out on the 21st of November. That is in 15 days! Yep, I’m counting. Can you tell I’m a bit in love with the Hunger Games Trilogy? 15 days still does sound a lot but considering the first movie came out ages and ages ago.. 15 days is pretty exciting.
I have read the books. Or to be truthful I watched the first one and then read the next two books because I just wanted to find out what happened next. I have this thing where I have to read the book before I watch the movie. Since I watched the movie, reading the book just wasn’t happening. I have a good reason though. Really, I do. Or, I think so. So when you read a book you visualize everything in your mind, the book is always more detailed. If you watch the film first then everything is already pictured in your mind and I can always remember pictures vividly in films that the end would just be ruined if I watched the film first. I don’t know if you know where I’m coming from?
Lastly, films are always disappointing once you’ve read the book because the film has some things cut out and shortened. So, keeping this in mind, I read the books straight after the film in preparation for the 21st of November 2013.  I remember some things but I really don’t remember it detailed enough for the movie to be a disappointment. I am so so excited!

Does everyone remember in the first movie where President Snow says, “There is only one thing stronger than fear. Hope.” ?

I do remember a lot of what happens, of course. But, that quote just stuck out to me. It is just that, when I think about it its true. If you have hope then that overcomes the fear. If we have hope and faith that God has everything planned out and everything that’s happening is part of His master plan, things aren’t so scary and frightening are they?
In the Hunger Games, all of the tributes must be frightened and there hope must be utterly lost. And that is an understatement! For Rue, the really cute one with the cool hair, Katniss Everdeen was her hope. She looked after her and cared for her like her sister. Now that Katniss is one of those who have won the Hunger Games, she is the peoples hope.

Our hope, is God:-)