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Today in English, we were just working at our own pace on some questions about a story that we had been reading. One of my questions was to find words in the text which I didn’t understand and look for them in the dictionary. I was listening to music and doing so when a thought came through my head. I had been looking for a word for a little while by now but just could not find it. As I was looking, I thought that life is sometimes like finding words in a dictionary. There are so many words to choose from that look similar to the one your looking for but you know you need to find that exact one because that is what your meant to do, other wise it won’t make sense. Well, I thought about that. I thought that God has a plan for us and there are so many words which look similar that we might choose but we actually just need that word for everything to make sense. Only God can do that. There are words that we might settle for because we can’t see ahead enough to realize that eventually it will work out and we’ll find the word. Do you know what I mean? Or am I making no sense? haha! Anyway, that is what I had been thinking about. In short, God has a plan. We don’t need to settle for the life that we think is fine because God has the best plan and even when we can’t see far enough, God does 🙂