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Today at church we had the second part of the series with a lady called Charity preaching. She was preaching about Evangelism.

We talked about how we need to share God with people and that for the last years we have had an explosion of evangelism. There are street pastors, ministries, healing on the streets and others. Now the older ways of handing our tapes no longer works but the street pastors are found to be attending festivals and schools and this will grow.

Charity saw a vision. The vision was of a group of many people. She asked God who they were and He replied that its His army for the end times. wow ūüôā

The work place is a place where we should share our beliefs. It isn’t just in the office. It is anywhere you go for the business. Although, now a days in most jobs we just can’t share the gospel with them. We are almost forbidden to do so. That is the problem, if we can’t share we get discouraged that it isn’t working. We must remember that we have spiritual gifts and God can help us with these.¬†

There are 7 mountains:
Church, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Education, Family, Business & Economy.
These are mountains in which we could share the gospel. We do need to understand our purpose and then we live with such purpose. 

Charity said that she had a friend who was a doctor. The doctor said she felt much less spiritual than her and Charity couldn’t believe her ears. She said that we shouldn’t be… that her friend is working with God and she couldn’t do what she is doing. That she is doing what God wants her to do and is saving children from parts of their body that are injured so they can live a normal life. How would you feel less spiritual? God gave her that ability and she can talk about God in her work place. That is the way we should think. No one is less spiritual than the other.¬†

What do you feel that God is asking you to do? Sometimes we feel we don’t have the skills or we think we have the skill at a lower level than we need. We can ask God for it though.. There are people who were given a whole language over night because they were called to a different nation.. lets seek him.¬†

Ask yourself these questions:
РWhat do you have in yours hands already? 
– What is the vision/mandate God is giving you?
– Where are you positioned?
– What is your Sphere of influence?

If we know what we have, people will ask us how we have such compassion and joy.. even in the bad times.
People feel that they don’t have power. They play computer games or watch movies but when they are no better of!

Daniel 4 verse 6-8 
‘So I issued an order calling in all the wise men of Babylon, so they could tell me what my dream meant. When all the magicians, enchanters,¬†astrologers¬† and¬†fortune¬†tellers come in, I told them the dream, but they could not tell me what it meant. At last Daniel came in before me and I told him the dream. (He was named Belteshazzer after my God, and the spirit of the holy gods is in him.)¬†

Daniel carried the spirit of the holy God and you carry the spirit of the holy God. The people on this earth, the ones that wear suits and think they have power, they look for that power in the news and news papers. If the church doesn’t learn how to hear God then the people will keep looking for the truth in these doomed places. Can you imagine the impact Joseph had? God is looking for Josephs and Daniels. They felt overwhelmed and that the world was more powerful but they believed God has the most power. Some of us are overwhelmed but maybe we are building character to build a relationship with God.

Impartation is a secret weapon in the mountains. Jesus imparted the power of the Kingdom but he knew what he carried. We must believe that we can impart. Without saying a word you can ask God what you carry in faith and release that in the workplace. They begin to come to you and open up to you even when you didn’t say anything. God wants us to have fresh hope and lay down the feeling of not being as spiritual as others. We shouldn’t be afraid.¬†