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I think I have showed you my Pinterest once before? Well, I am going to split up my Pinterest updates. So, first up… Autumn fashion!:) 

I do love clothes, I must say. Autumn though, is one of my favorite seasons for fashion. Winter is just absolutely freezing and you can’t be bothered making an effort and just go out in wool leggings and a huge jumper. Maybe that’s just me… But Autumn, it isn’t too cold that you can’t cope, but just the perfect amount of cold to still be able to make an effort and want to wear autumnal clothes. I love the colors too.. the browns, greens, oranges, reds. And the pretty, cosy jumpers… love it! 
So here are some of my favorites:) 

Jumper and skirtI love summer, but fall has the best outfits! :) #cybermonday ugg boots deals #ugg #boots #cyberweekKeep happy, healthy and warm this autumn -  Autumn Fashion - Knitted - autumn - fashion - jumper - sweater - comfortable - countrylife - petersfield - fashionista.Fall outfitVery Autumn Colours

I’d love to see your Autumn Fashion, so if you do, link me something below 🙂