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Last night a couple of friends and I went to a prayer meeting at Kings. This prayer meeting was a bit different to what I was used to, in a good way. Their was a band, colorful lights, blankets and cushions of the floor for those who want to pray there, bean bags, chairs, decorations and of course, tea. The atmosphere was so peaceful and happy. 

Firstly, we prayed for whatever we wanted, for our lives, for our friends, anything. Then, people came up and we concentrated on a number of things such as, Family’s marriages, orphans, persecuted Christians, youth, schools and others that I can’t remember at this moment. The one that stuck out to me was persecuted Christians. I don’t know about you, but sometimes at prayer meetings when we are concentrating on specific subjects I just listen to other people praying and forget to pray myself. Last night, there was a man who ‘took us on a journey’. He told us countries around the world that were safe and others that were not. I just stared at him in astonishment (in a good way) of the knowledge he had of all these places! I wanted to know the things he did. I don’t know if it was something God had put on my heart or whether this mans way of telling us about these places was just intriguing to me, but either way, I think we should spend more time praying for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted while we sit around praying about ourselves and the troubles we have in our own lives. Even though our troubles are so important to God too.. of course! But I think that I spend too much time praying for things that I want to happen or things that I want to change that I forget that this isn’t the only country in the world and there are others suffering. They are our brothers and sisters and we need to pray that they have hope and trust in God and that he makes himself known to them when they are frightened. So, lets pray more for the ones who are being persecuted for their faith.