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Recently, by recently I mean last night Rachael and I decided we would like a couple of new albums. So, we had the smashing idea of paying half each. We bought Tides by Bethel music and Young and Free by Hillsong. I must say, I haven’t listened to a lot of Hillsong. Even though they are pretty well known in the Christian music circle 😀 But, this Young and Free album has totally changed my mind about not having their music on my phone!
To describe it in short, they use the style that secular (if that’s what you call it, Peta? haha!) takes and send out great messages instead of the worldly words. It is wonderful! If you haven’t listened to it, I suggest you do that right now. In the mean time, I will show you some of my favorite music just now. Including another album: Passion – Let the Future Begin which is also great 🙂

So, be prepared for a music overload.

You know, If you asked me a year or two ago who were in the top 10 of the music charts that week, I could of told you that plus a back ground check. I knew a lot about that stuff. Now, I don’t. I don’t have a clue what song is playing on the radio these days. I only know some from friends or songs I recognize from when they have been played numerous times on MFR. I could tell you about loads of celebrities because I read those magazines. Now, I don’t do that and you know, my brain isn’t being filled with what ever is being said in these songs and magazines. My brain is being filled with the love of God. I like it better this way.

Music is one of the main reasons for opportunity for talking about God. In school, I listen to music a lot. Now in fifth year, the teachers don’t mind as much if we listen to music. There is always that one friend who has forgotten their earphones and asks to listen to your music. I let them listen, and hear. They eventually ask if its Christian and so it goes.

I really recommend especially the Young & Free album by Hillsong.