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At the moment, I am reading a book about Jesus Freaks. Yup, it sounds strange if you have never heard this concept before. This book talks about Jesus Freaks in the bible, Jesus Freaks in our modern day lives, how we can be Jesus Freaks. I haven’t finished it yet because I was trying to read slow so I wouldn’t finish it before my next book came. My next book has arrived and I’ll finish the last two or three chapters as soon as possible. In this book, the stories that I am so drawn into are the Jesus Freaks of our modern day lives. Here, in the UK you don’t really hear much about persecution around this area or nothing compared to some other countries. Christianity is the world religion but, as we learned in r.e, the numbers are going down, decreasing. 

When I read the stories of people being persecuted for their faith, my eyes are glued to the page. I guess, it might be because they inspire me. I wonder how they can still love their enemies that are burning them alive, torturing them. It is a challenge but I hope one day I will remember their stories and how strong and in love they are with Jesus that that would encourage me not to be frightened. I mean, I wonder what its like.

So during reading, I took quit a lot of notes on quotes that stood out to me personally. Maybe some will encourage you, inspire you or maybe you just want to read them 🙂 (There are pages and pages so I won’t write them all haha!) 

“Pray as if everything depended on your prayer.”

“You need to talk to your Father in your own words, for no one else can convey what you are feeling or going through.”

“Find a quit place to talk with God like with a friend.”

“Faith is a lot like hiking on a trail at night, guided only by the beam of a flash light.” 

“Don’t be afraid if he shows you just one step at a time. You have just enough light for you next step. That’s Gods way of stretching your faith.”

“Singing of Gods awesome power is the highest form of spiritual warfare.”

“Some day you may have to rely on the scriptures stored in your heart rather than on the printed copy of the bible on your bookshelf.”

“Loving your enemies is one of the surest signs of a Jesus freak.” 

“The roots you water today will grow over time.” 

“How can you love someone who is torturing you? By looking at man not as they are, but as they will be.” 

“God provides super natural courage when you need it the most.”

So that was still quit a lot and that wasn’t all of it and I’m not finished the book. I love it!