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Today at church the sermon was about going deeper in our relationship with God. Like, not just knowing about Him but actually knowing Him intimately. Before all this, I realized that the lady preaching was Bubbles The Clowns Wife. Now, Bubbles the Clown was a re-occurring face in all children’s child hoods if they lived at least in Inverness. After all the excitement, we got to the important part, the actual sermon 😀 

Did you know, God longs to have a personal relationship with us. I guess it does seem hard when we’ve never sat in a cafe and talked for hours with the person to actually get to know them. But intimacy is much more than just being familiar with someone. Intimacy takes time. 

We need to develop trust with people before we share our life with them right? Well, the basis of intimacy with God is knowing who we are and knowing who He is. 

We need to know who we are. Sometimes we don’t feel loved and we don’t know what to do. But, we belong to God. We are His! All through the bible, God says He is our King and we are His children. God longs for an intimate relationship.

When I was younger, I thought that being made in the image of God meant that we look exactly like Him. I was always confused by  why everybody looked different 😀 Then I realized that it meant we have qualities that God has too. Like, being loving and caring and creative and knowledgeable. We sometimes become what other people want us to be. We become what the most important person in our lives wants us to be. Now, this is fine if God is the most important in your life but for others, other people may be more important and therefore we will listen to them instead of God. We forget what God wants. 
We can’t please everybody all the time. Most of us don’t need everybody to love us but we just want someone to value us.
In this world, we are judged by our performance. If we’re not good enough, we’re out.

How do we have an intimate relationship with God? If you only know about God then you don’t know Him. His purpose in sending Jesus was so He can restore the intimate relationship. He is an example of what we should be like. He shows us the way. With God, we can become what we are meant to be. 

He is our Father. He wants to see us grow into everything He wants us to be. 
He is our King. He is the King of all Kings. 
He is our Friend. He no longer calls us servants, but friends. He wants to hang out with us, to spend time with us. He wants us to share with Him when we are annoyed, sad, disappointed, joyful or happy and what our hopes and dreams are. 
He is our Lover. God is love. 
He can be trusted. He has a plan for us. Nothing surprises Him. Nothing can turn Him away from us. 
He is Faithful. He is true and won’t let us down. 
He is Just. He fights against evil but always acts in love. 
He is Good. All things work together for good for those who love Him. When we grasp His goodness, we realize His glory.
He is Generous. His love knows no bounds. He can do more than we could ever imagine. 
He is fun and He wants to eat with us. 

That sounds like someone I’d want to hang out with anyway 😉

The more we discover of who God is, the more we reflect of who the image of God is. 
Who are we? We are His.