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My school has started a Scripture Union group. There is always a worry that not many people will turn up to these kind of things, especially when its in our lunch break. Saying this, I’m the one who does her homework in her lunch break so I had no problem with attending 😀 It was only the second week so it has been two others and me that have been there both times and then a couple others so we’ll see who will come consistently 🙂 Its really fun because at school, most of your friends aren’t Christians and Scripture Union allows you to meet at least some others who share the same faith.

Anyway, the point of this post was actually to talk about the lyrics to a song one of the leaders shared with us today. It’s called ‘Raggedy Doll’ by Philippa Hanna.
We can interpretate songs in different ways but I think of us as being the ‘Raggedy Doll’ I love all the lyrics so choosing the best is hard, so listen to the video 😉 But, I love:

“I’ve always wanted a friend like you
Someone I could tell my secrets to
And I would hold you all of the time
Just because you’re mine”

This reminds me that God is our best friend who we can tell all our secrets to. He is someone we can tell everything to. Even our deepest worries, anything. Do you know why? Because nothing surprises God. But we are His and He loves us.

“Cos you were beautifully and wonderfully made
I don’t make mistakes and wouldn’t change a thing”

This reminds me of us. We know that God has made us and He has made us how we are meant to be made. Personally, something I forget is that He didn’t make any mistakes. Sometimes, we don’t feel pretty and we think we should look like something we’re not. You know, God made us wonderfully and he didn’t make any mistakes 🙂
This also refers to what I just said:

“It makes me sad when I hear you say
You wish that you were stitched some other way
Cos you don’t look like the other toys
And you’re not new any more
I wanna take you down from the nursery shelf
And show you love till you love yourself
If you lose a button I will give you mine
Just because you’re mine”

You are beautiful too!;)