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Hi everyone 🙂 

So, I have probably not done a ‘proper’ blog post for almost a week now. I will explain, but not in detail. So, my mum has had to go to hospital so I stayed a Becca, Peta and Faiths house for a couple of days. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible, or long term until my mum was better so now I am staying at Rachael’s house for a while. Today I went to visit my mum. Apart from having lost a bit of weight, she looked much better. I am glad she is relaxed. I am glad that she is also knitting patch work. Not many people know that she used to paint and she used to play a little guitar. She used be really creative and I am always sad when someone can do something well and they stop. So, that made me happy that she was being creative again 🙂 

So for the mean time I am living with one of my best friends 🙂 It’s really fun! I do miss getting up early with Peta to read and talk and journal and of course drink tea 😀 
The other day, Rachael and I went for a walk up to Milton of Leys. I took some pictures 🙂