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You know, its my birthday in 2 weeks!! 2 weeks… I thought it was 4 haha! 
There may be a small chance that I can get a camera for my birthday. Sadly, it can’t be an overly expensive camera because we don’t have that much money but I did find one. Now, baring in mind, I have never gone camera searching before (my Dad chose my digital one) but I do know that many photographers have Canon cameras so I figured that’s a good make? I looked in the Argos catalogue and found a bargain. They have a camera that was around £250 and is now £140. I know I know.. I was thinking the same thing… that’s too cheap, it can’t be good! Then, I youtubed it 😀 and searched reviews. Surprisingly, it had a 5 star review and youtube reviews are recommending it. It has amazing zoom and focus which are two factors I like to keep in mind. 

I do have a camera just now but I think that it doesn’t produce the quality of pictures that I’d like. I really enjoy photography as a hobby. Saying this, today at school we got told about different courses at college that are once a week just for 2 hours or so. So, naturally, I looked for photography and it was there 🙂 So, maybe I will do that. It’s never a good sign when I’d rather use my phone camera than my digital one. Maybe some people know? 

I haven’t even told you the name of the camera yet! haha! it is called the Canon powershoot sx500 is. Here is a link: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5597147.htm

And pictures 😉 


So, if any of you know anything about this camera please tell me 😀 I need your help!

P.s… maybe Photography is a bit hard for me. I can’t even take a picture from an I Pad lol!! 😉 It’s all good 😀 Please help!