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Yesterday at church we talked about what God tastes like. Sounds kind of weird, right? Yeaa, that’s what I thought.

Sometimes we approach the bible like a cook book. Don’t just read your Bible, actually step into it and live the word.
Psalm 34:
“Taste and say that the lord is good.”

We are called to be salt. We’re called to be a flavor in the world. We must root out the taste of bitterness that is still in our hearts. To taste, we have to draw close to god. You can’t taste something without actually putting it in your mouth. In the same way, you have to make the decision, do I want to put this into my mouth and let it be a part of me? do I want to have the bitterness a part of me? we have to ask ourselves these questions.

Over time, we let the sweetness and the river do its work in us. We let the river make us clean. How? Experience. God takes us through different experiences. Experience defines what we do in our lives.

(Some quotes from people)
‘God keeps his promises’
‘His plans for us are good, for our lives to be a blessing, a saving’
‘He stands with you in the fire’
‘He delivers his people from their enemies’
‘He takes you through the wilderness’
‘He hears the private prayers you cannot bear to speak’
‘He answers’
‘He brings life’
‘He is the God who really sees’
‘He rescues’
‘He takes a little and makes it into a lot’
‘Even when I am in darkness the lord will be my light’
‘He heals even the enemies of his people when you are humble’
‘God has the last laugh’

What does God taste like?
There are a great cloud of witness’s who say God is good. Come home.
Come to the place where God is calling you.
What does God taste like to you? If yours not feeling at rest, God has space for you.

After the service, we ate apple pie. The speaker made 14 Apple Pies. 14! So with joy, we ate them:D