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I have been gone for a couple of days. I have had a lot on and I just didn’t find the time to sit and write to you all. I have noticed that I have homework almost every day which I didn’t have in fourth year. On top of that, I spend a lot of time with my friends. So tonight at almost 10.30 when my eyes are closing on me, I am here to write a blog post. 

As you all know, I had a vegetarian week. That week turned almost into 2 weeks. Until tonight, I haven’t ate any meat since last Monday. It was kind of strange because I don’t feel the need to eat it. I find that other foods do me just as good because you get used to not eating meat. I’m not a vegetarian as I think that I do need the Iron that meat gives me. Saying this, I might just randomly have a Vegetarian week here and there. Referring to the way I feel, I don’t feel any different which is good. I  haven’t lost any weight or anything which is also good because I am 7 /7.5 stone just now and it wouldn’t be be the best if I lost any more when I need the energy for school. 

Secondly, as I said, I spend a lot of time with my friends. Yesterday I went for a cycle with my friend and I took her to a garden that I used to go to when I was younger. Not many people know about it, I don’t think. It is in the town where I live but it’s not noticeable. We both think it’s beautiful. Now, there is a point to what I am saying. A couple of days ago, Rachael, mum and I went to visit an apartment. The reason being, there are electricity pylons right outside our place just now and my mum is always worried about them. I’m not complaining because I like this apartment better. if you live here, its like behind Asda.  So, one of the bedrooms has a really pretty view! I think my mum will have that bedroom and I will have the one with the nicer wardrobe lol! I would like the view too but my mum likes that so she can have it. But, what I am most excited about is that it is just a few minutes walk from that garden I was talking about earlier. Which means, I can be a geek and go there before school and read and journal and maybe even bring my guitar because it is so quite and so pretty.