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Today was the day we headed for a deliciously wonderful Dores Breakfast. As always, it didn’t let us down. Most of us had French Toast with Maple Syrup and Bacon. I don’t like bacon and never have (as far as I can remember) and its Vegetarian week so I just order it for Rachael or Rachaels brother who is always delighted when I don’t finish my French Toast and Bacon lol!! Anyway, it was wonderful and I even tasted the highly loved Banana and Strawberry smoothie. Love it! Before having our breakfast we took Soly for walk along the beach. It was cold, to say the least. I was definitely not particularly dressed for the freezing weather. I was wearing a dress. Not the best of ideas. But the faithful Peta and Maria were prepared with a jumper and jacket that kept me looking hilarious but lovely and warm πŸ™‚

We returned back to the Finlaysons house for tea and I hanged out with Rachael for a but while Becca was picking up her new car!! It’s SO cool… and she’s an awesome driver πŸ˜€ I love your car Becca! πŸ˜€ Afterwards, while Rachael was hanging out with her school friends, Becca, Peta and I went into town for a Costa, to cut some keys and Becca bought some beautiful blue vans. This is when I really wish I was a size 5. No one is size 6! We had a funny experience cutting the keys where Peta thought that it would take an hour or two until he’d finished but with in the space of 20 seconds he’d already finished. Peta was absolutely astounded which made the key cutters day haha!

We met up with Peta’s parents and ate dinner in a restaurant. Rachael and I shared a plate of Nachos… You’ll see how big it is in the pictures but seriously how could even 5 people eat all that! I think we should of got a small portion and shared it. It was yummy though! They even soled Ginger Beer which was ace!!
Lastly, as it is Saturday night we went to Coffee Affair where some of our church play music. It was really fun, especially because we got to embarrass Rachael by dancing around the street. And it was worth it because people in the streets started going into the Cafe. Great! πŸ™‚ Now, I am tired and Rachael is staying at mine overnight πŸ™‚ I will leave you with some pictures:

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