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First of all, today we reunited with Peta after her being on her Summer travels for a couple of months. She gave us a couple of gifts and I can truly say I am stoked 😀 I am still laughing at these Japanese socks 😀 I think I am known (just a little) for wearing pumps and socks when I have cold feet or even flip flops with socks. Now, this will not be a problem! Take a look at these… 😀

I missed Peta. I’m glad she is back 🙂 We went to see Percy Jackson (I think that is what its called..) it was SO good! I might read the books because I want to find out what happens next! I did get into it and started to talk to the cinema screen thinking they’d hear the strict instructions I was giving them 😀 It was good and as always we had wonderful music playing in Peta’s car. I did miss that!  And my wrist is now filled with beautifully cute bracelets from Rachael for doing well in my exams, how sweet! :’) I love them!!

Yes, now I will address the actual title which is ‘God of Peace’. Today in church we were talking about Peace. Peace that God gives and peace that the world gives. Two that are very different. Let me give sort of a funny example: When a police man drives behind you in their car with flashing lights I don’t know about you but I automatically check that I look tall enough to sit in the front seat (Yep! I must be that small) and that my seat belt is on show for all to see. We have 1000 questions running through our mind. If we do not have peace with a police officer who knows so little about us, how will we feel and react when we meet with God who knows everything about us? 
Its true though right.

God wants to give us peace forever. Alcohol or badly worded music can give us peace for a little while but not for long. 
If you want to know the peace of God, you need to know the peace with God.. 

As Christians, we can know the peace of God. 

In Lukes Gospel, it tells us about some that lost their faith. They lost their faith because they weren’t listening, looking or learning.
You can retain your peace if you are standing on the promises of God.

They were looking but they were not seeing. We look at Jesus so we can follow His example. Jesus is our example. 

They lost their peace because they were not learning. We should learn everyday about the greatness of God. We should know Him more.

He is walking with us during problems or difficult situations we have. Be anxious for nothing but make your request know and have peace in the Lord 🙂 

And here we are, reunited and looking even more ridiculous than ever 😀